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Items from Current ECS Groups > Agents, Interaction and Complexity in 1997
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Brazier, F. M. T., Dunin-Keplicz, B. M., Jennings, N. R. and Treur, J. (1997) DESIRE: Modelling Multi-Agent Systems in a Compositional Formal Framework. Int. Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, 6 (1). pp. 67-94.

Bullock, S. (1997) Evolutionary Simulation Models: On Their Character, and Application to Problems Concerning the Evolution of Natural Signalling Systems. PhD thesis, University of Sussex, UK.

Bullock, S. (1997) An exploration of signalling behaviour by both analytic and simulation means for both discrete and continuous models. In: the Fourth European Conference on Artificial Life. pp. 454-463.

Bullock, S. and Cliff, D. (1997) The role of 'hidden preferences' in the artificial co-evolution of symmetrical signals. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, 264 . pp. 505-511.


Cliff, D. and Noble, J. (1997) Knowledge-based vision and simple visual machines. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, 352 (1358). pp. 1165-1175.

Crowder, R. M., Wills, G. B., Heath, I. and Hall, W. (1997) The Application of Hypermedia in the Factory Information Environment. In: Proceedings of Factory 2000, 5th IEE Conference on Factory Automation. 411--415.

Crowder, R. M., Wills, G. B., Heath, I. and Hall, W. (1997) An Open Hypermedia Solution to Information Overload in Industrial Applications. In: IEE colloquium on IT Strategies for Information Overload..


Doran, J. E., Franklin, S., Jennings, N. R. and Norman, T. J. (1997) On Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 12 (3). pp. 309-314.

Dubey, V. N., Crowder, R. M., Chappell, P. H. and Whatley, D. R. (1997) A Robotic End Effector for Unstructured Environments. In: Proceedings of the American Nuclear Society's 7th Topical on Robotics and Remote Systems. pp. 452-60.


Gibney, M. A. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) Market- Based Multi-Agent Systems for ATM Network Management. In: 4th Communications Networks Symp., Manchester, UK. pp. 62-65.


Hall, W. and Crowder, R. M. (1997) Multimedia information systems in manufacturing. In: IMechE 150th Anniversary Conference.

Hall, W., Weal, M. J., Heath, I., Wills, G. B. and Crowder, R. M. (1997) Flexible Interfaces in the Industrial Environment. In: International Conference Managing Enterprises- Stakeholders, Engineering, Logistics and Achievement (ME-SELA'97) Loughborough, UK.. 453--460.

Hogg, L. M. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) Social Rational Agents - Some Preliminary Thoughts. In: AISB Workshop on Practical Reasoning and Rationality, Manchester, UK. pp. 160-162.

Hogg, L. M. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) Socially Rational Agents. In: AAAI Fall Symposium on Social Intelligent Agents, November 8-10, Boston, USA. pp. 61-63.


Jennings, N. R. and Campos, J. R. (1997) Towards a Social Level Characterisation of Socially Responsible Agents. IEE Proceedings on Software Engineering, 144 (1). pp. 11-25.


Kippax, S., Noble, J., Prestage, G., Crawford, J., Campbell, D., Baxter, D. and Cooper, D. (1997) Sexual negotiation in the AIDS era: negotiated safety revisited. AIDS, 11 (2). pp. 191-197.


Mueller, J. P., Wooldridge, M. J. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) Intelligent Agents III. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 1193 401pp, Springer Verlag. ISBN 3-540-62507-0


Norman, T. J., Faratin, P. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) Commercial Applications of Agent Technology. In: DA-DSM DistribuTECH Europe 1997 Workshop.

Norman, T. J. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) Generating States of Joint Commitment Between Autonomous Agents. In: 3rd Australian Workshop on Distributed Artifical Intelligence. pp. 109-119.

Norman, T. J., Jennings, N. R., Faratin, P. and Mamdani, E. H. (1997) Designing and Implementing a Multi-Agent Architecture for Business Process Management. In: Intelligent Agents III, Lectures Notes in Artificial Intelligence. pp. 261-275.


Sierra, C., Faratin, P. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) A Service-Oriented Negotiation Model Between Autonomous Agents. In: 8th European Workshop on Modelling Autonomous Agents in a Multi-Agent World (MAAMAW-97), Ronneby, Sweden. pp. 17-35.

Sierra, C., Jennings, N. R., Noriega, P. and Parsons, S. (1997) A Framework for Argumentation-Based Negotiation. In: 4th Int. Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages (ATAL 97), Rhode Island, USA. pp. 167-182.


Turner, P. J. and Jennings, N. R. (1997) On Scaleability of Information Management Agents. In: European IT Conference (EITC-97), Brussels, Belgium. pp. 64-65.


Van de Ven, P., Noble, J., Kippax, S., Prestage, G., Crawford, J., Baxter, D. and Cooper, D. (1997) Gay youth and their precautionary sexual behaviors: the Sydney men and sexual health study. AIDS Education and Prevention, 9 (5). pp. 395-410.


Wills, G. B., Heath, I., Crowder, R. M. and Hall, W. (1997) Evaluation of a User Interface Developed for Industrial Applications. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, University of Southampton.

Wills, G. B., Heath, I., Crowder, R. M. and Hall, W. (1997) Factory Information Resource Management: Industrial Strength Hypermedia? Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, University of Southampton.

Wills, G. B., Heath, I., Crowder, R. M. and Hall, W. (1997) Hypermedia Authoring in an Industrial Environment. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, University of Southampton.


Zauner, K. P. and Conrad, M. (1997) Conformation-driven molecular computing: the optical connection. Optical Memory and Neural Networks, 6 (3). pp. 157-173.

Zauner, K. P. and Conrad, M. (1997) The Context-Conformation-Action Loop Simulated. In: 7th International Symposium on Molecular Electronics and Biocomputing, November 10-12, Nanjing. pp. 122-123.

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