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Items from Old ECS Groups > Communications Research Group in 1988
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Aldridge, R. P., Steele, R. and El-Dolil, S. A. (1988) Strategies for Combatting Base Station Failure in Highway Microcellular Clusters. Electronics Letters, 24 (21). pp. 1339-1340.

Bennet, M. A. and Steele, R. (1988) A Hand-off Algorithm for Cellular Radio Based on Reed Solomon Coding. In: IEE Colloquium on Mobile Radio Networks. 6/1-6/7.

Bialkowski, M. E. and Stewart, R. D. (1988) Analysis of radial resonator diode mounts with off-centered diodes. In: 18th European Microwave Conf.

Billings, S. A., Korenberg, M. J. and Chen, S. (1988) Identification of non-linear output-affine systems using an orthogonal least-squares algorithm. International Journal of Systems Science, 19 . pp. 1559-1568.

Chen, S. and Billings, S. A. (1988) Prediction-error estimation algorithm for non-linear output-affine systems. International Journal of Control, 47 . pp. 309-332.

Chen, S. and Billings, S. A. (1988) Recursive maximum likelihood identification of a non-linear output-affine model. International Journal of Control, 48 . pp. 1605-1629.

El-Dolil, S. A., Wong, W. C. and Steele, R. (1988) Teletraffic Modelling and Performance of Highway Microcells. In: Proceedings of ICCS'88. pp. 49-53.

Fortune, P. M., Hanzo, L. and Steele, R. (1988) Transmission of SBC Speech via 16-Level QAM. In: Globecom'88, 28 November - 1 December 1988, Hollywood, Flordia, USA. 26.6.1-26.6.5.

Hanzo, L., Hinsenkamp, L., Osvath, L. and Paksy, G. (1988) Feasibility of Two-Wire Duplex Baseband Digital Transmission. Budavox Telecommunication Review, 88 (4). pp. 22-31.

Hanzo, L., Steele, R. and Fortune, P. M. (1988) An Embedded Reed-Solomon Coding and QAM Scheme for Subband Coded Speech Transmission via Rayleigh-Fading Channels. In: Proceedings of IEE Colloquium, 19 December 1988, Savoy Place, London, UK. 9/1-9/7.

Hashimoto, K., Chia, S. T. S. and Steele, R. (1988) Utilization of Polarisation Diversity and Antenna Directivity to Combat Co-channel Interference for Indoor Cordless Telephony. In: IEE Colloquium on Propagation Factors and Interference Modelling for Mobile Radio Systems. 7/1-7/6.

Hey, A. J. G., Surridge, M. and Reeve, J. S. (1988) Migration Aids for Transputers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lin, J., Chen, S. and Roberts, P. D. (1988) Modified algorithm for steady state integrated system optimisation and parameter estimation. IEE Proceedings Part D, 135 . pp. 119-126.

Reeve, J. S. (1988) A General Communications Harness for Transputer Nets. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Steele, R. (1988) The Cellular Environment of the Lightweight Hand-held Portable. In: Workshop on Digital Transmission. pp. 1-50.

Stewart, R. D. and Tusubira, F. F. (1988) Feedforward linearisation of 950MHz amplifiers. IEE Proceedings, 135 (5).

Stewart, R. D. and Tusubira, F. F. (1988) Predistortion linearisation of amplifiers for UHF mobile radio. In: 18th European Microwave Conf.

Sundberg, C. E., Wong, W. C. and Steele, R. (1988) Modified 256-QAM for Logarithmic PCM. In: Proceedings of Globecom'88. 27.4.1-27.4.7.

Wassell, I. J., Goodman, D. J. and Steele, R. (1988) Embedded Delta Modulation. IEEE Transactions on ASSP, 36 (8). pp. 1236-1243.

Wong, K. H., Hanzo, L. and Steele, R. (1988) A Subband Codec with Embedded Reed-Solomon Coding for Mobile Radio Speech Communication. In: Proceedings of ICCS'88, 31 October - 3 November 1988, Singapore. pp. 709-713.

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