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Items from Current ECS Groups > Communications, Signal Processing and Control in 2012
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Abd Rahman, M. S., Hao, L., Rapisarda, P. and Lewin, P. L. (2012) Partial Discharge Simulation for a High Voltage Transformer Winding using a Model based on Geometrical Dimensions. In: The Fifth UHVnet Colloquium, 18-19 January 2012, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK. p. 36.


Cao, J., Yang, L. L. and Zhong, Z. (2012) Performance Analysis of Multihop Wireless Links over Generalized-K Fading Channels. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology . (In Press)

Cichy, B., Galkowski, K. and Rogers, E. (2012) Iterative learning control for spatio-temporal dynamics using Crank-Nicholson discretization. Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing . (In Press)


Dabkowski, P., Galkowski, K., Cai, Z., Rogers, E., Freeman, C. and Lewin, P. (2012) Iterative Learning Control Based on Relaxed 2D Systems Stability Criteria. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology . (Submitted)

Dabkowski, P., Galkowski, K., Bachelier, O., Rogers, E., Kummert, A. and Lam, J. (2012) Strong practical stability based robust stabilization of uncertain
discrete linear repetitive processes.
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications . (In Press)


Freeman, C. T., Rogers, E., Hughes, A. M., Burridge, J. H. and Meadmore, K. L. (2012) Iterative Learning Control in Healthcare
Electrical Stimulation and Robotic-assisted Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation.
IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 32 (1). 18 -43. ISSN 10.1109/MCS.2011.2173261

Freeman, C., Alsubaie, M., Cai, Z., Rogers, E. and Lewin, P. (2012) A Common Setting for the Design of Iterative Learning and Repetitive Controllers with Experimental Verification. International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing . (Submitted)

Freeman, C., Tong, D., Meadmore, K., Hughes, A. M., Rogers, E. and Burridge, J. (2012) FES based Rehabilitation of the Upper Limb using Input/Output Linearization and ILC. In: 2012 American Control Conference, June 27 - 29, Montréal. (In Press)


Gao, H., Lv, T., Zhang, S., Su, X. and Yang, S. (2012) Zero-Forcing Based MIMO Two-Way Relay with Relay Antenna Selection: Transmission Scheme and Diversity Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications . (Submitted)

Gao, H., Su, X., Lv, T., Yang, S. and Lu, Y. (2012) IFI and ISI Pre-Mitigation for Block Code Modulated Noncoherent UWB Impulse Radio: A Code Optimization Approach. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology . (In Press)


Hladowski, L., Galkowski, K., Cai, Z., Rogers, E., Freeman, C. and Lewin, P. (2012) Output Information based Iterative Learning Control Law Design with Experimental Verification. ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control , 134 (2). 021012/1-021012/10. ISSN 0022-0434

Hong, X. and Chen, S. (2012) The system identification and control of Hammerstein system using non-uniform rational B-spline neural network and particle swarm optimization. Neurocomputing, 82 . pp. 216-223.


Le, F., Markovsky, I., Freeman, C. and Rogers, E. (2012) Recursive Identification of Hammerstein Systems with application to Electrically Stimulated Muscle. Control Engineering Practice . (In Press)

Li, Y., Wang, Z., Jin, D., Su, L., Zeng, L. and Chen, S. (2012) Optimal beaconing control for epidemic routing in delay tolerant networks. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 61 (1). pp. 311-320.

Liu, W. and Niranjan, M. (2012) Gaussian process modelling for bicoid mRNA regulation in
spatio-temporal Bicoid profile.
Bioinformatics, 28 (3). pp. 366-372.


Markovsky, I. (2012) Low Rank Approximation: Algorithms, Implementation, Applications. Communications and Control Engineering Springer. ISBN 978-1-4471-2226-5

Meadmore, K. L., Hughes, A. M., Freeman, C. T., Cai, Z., Tong, D., Burridge, J. H. and Rogers, E. (2012) Function Electrical Stimulation mediated by Iterative Learning Control and 3D robotics reduces motor impairment in chronic stroke. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation . (In Press)


Ngo, H. A., Sugiura, S. and Hanzo, L. (2012) Soft-Demodulation of Space-Time-Frequency Shift Keying for Iterative Detection.


Phillips, A. B., Steenson, L., Liu, J., Harris, C. A., Sharkh, S. M., Rogers, E., Turnock, S. R. and Furlong, M. (2012) DELPHIN2: an over actuated autonomolus underwater vehicle for manoeuvring research. International Journal of Maritime Engineering . (In Press)


Qin, Y. and Yang, L. L. (2012) Steady-State Throughput Analysis of Network Coding Nodes Employing Stop-and-Wait Automatic Repeat Request. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking . (In Press)


Soska, A., Freeman, C. and Rogers, E. (2012) ILC for FES-based Rehabilitation of the Hand and Wrist after Stroke. Submitted to: 2012 American Control Conference, June 27 - 29, Montreal. (Submitted)


Wang, L., Chai, S., Rogers, E. and Freeman, C. T. (2012) Multivariable Repetitive-predictive Controllers
using Frequency Decomposition.
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology . (In Press)


Yang, L. L. (2012) Signal Detection in Antenna-Hopping Space-Division Multiple-Access Systems with Space-Shift Keying Modulation. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (accepted), 60 (1). pp. 351-366.

Yang, S., Lv, T. and Hanzo, L. (2012) Semidefinite Programming Relaxation Based Virtually Antipodal Detection for Gray-Coded M-QAM MIMO Signalling. IEEE Transactions on Communications . (Submitted)

Yang, S., Wang, L. and Hanzo, L. (2012) Iterative Detection and Decoding Using Probabilistic Data Association Over MIMO Nakagami-m Fading Channels. IEEE Transactions on Communications . (Submitted)

Yao, W., Chen, S. and Hanzo, L. (2012) Particle Swarm Optimisation Aided MIMO Multiuser Transmission Designs. Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, A Special Issue on A New Frontier of Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing, 9 (2). pp. 266-275.


Zhang, J., Chen, S., Mu, X. and Hanzo, L. (2012) Turbo multi-user detection for OFDM/SDMA systems relying on differential evolution aided iterative channel estimation. IEEE Transactions on Communications . (In Press)

Zhang, S., Yang, L. L. and Zhang, Y. (2012) Redundant Residue Number System Assisted Multicarrier Direct-Sequence Code-Division Dynamic Multiple-Access for Cognitive Radios. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology . (In Press)

Zhang, Z., Lv, T., Su, X. and Yang, S. (2012) Round-Robin Relaying with Diversity in Amplify-and-Forward Multi-Source Cooperative Communications. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing . (Submitted)

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