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Items from Old ECS Groups > Dependable Systems and Software Engineering Research Group in 1988
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Askew, C. R., Carpenter, D. B., Chalker, J. T., Hey, A. J. G., Moore, M., Nicole, D. A. and Pritchard, D. J. (1988) Monte Carlo Simulation on Transputer Arrays.

Askew, C. R. and Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Monte Carlo Simulation on Transputer Arrays. In: Parallel Computing 6, 247.


Buckley, T., Garratt, P. W. and Gough, T. G. (1988) A Case Study of Systems Integrity for Alcohol Taxation. In: 3rd annual conference on Computer Assurance (COMPASS). pp. 119-128.


Cox, S., Glaser, H. and Reeve, M. (1988) Compiling functional languages. In: Proc. Int. Workshop on Implementation of functional languages. pp. 145-156.


Edmunds, G. (1988) Pilot Study on Automatic Grading Exercises. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, UGC Computers in Teaching Initiative.


Garratt, P. W. (1988) Simulating a project environment for software tool. In: Research Journal. pp. 135-137.

Garratt, P. W. (1988) Simulating a Software Engineering Project. Advances in Modelling and Simulation, 11 (2). pp. 11-18.

Garratt, P. W. and Edmunds, G. (1988) Teaching Software Engineering at University. Information and Software Technology, 30 (1). pp. 5-11. ISSN ISSN 09505849

Glaser, H., Reeve, M. J. and Wright, S. (1988) Analysis of Reference Count Garbage Collection Schemes for Declarative Languages. In: International Conference on Computer Science.


Hartel, P. H. (1988) The average size of ordered binary subgraphs. In: Graph-theoretic concepts in computer science, WG 88, LNCS 344. pp. 327-351.

Hartel, P. H. (1988) Performance analysis of storage management in combinator graph reduction. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hartel, P. H. and Veen, A. H. (1988) Statistics on graph reduction of SASL programs. Software---practice and experience, 18 (3). pp. 239-253. ISSN ISSN 0038-0644

Hartel, P. H. and Vree, W. G. (1988) Parallel graph reduction for divide-and-conquer applications -- Part II: program performance. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Comp. Sys, Univ. of Amsterdam.

Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Practical Parallel Processing with Transputers. In: Invited paper published in the Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on "Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications" (HCCA3).

Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Reconfigurable Transputere Networks - Practical Concurrent Computation. In: Philosophical Transcations of the Royal Society, London, A326.

Hey, A. J. G. (1988) RISC Architectures and Transputers. In: Invited paper in Proceedings of the 7th European Summer School on "Computing Techniques in Physics: Microcomputers in Physics". pp. 23-31.

Hey, A. J. G. (1988) The Role of MIMD Arrays of Transputers in Computational Physics". In: Invited paper in Proceedings of "New Developments in Hardware and Software for Computational Physics".

Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Transputers, Occam and Computational Physics.

Hey, A. J. G. and Merlin, J. H. (1988) Topological Solutions in Field Theory and their Computational Graphic Representations. In: Science 240, 1163.

Hey, A. J. G. and Pritchard, D. J. (1988) Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on "Supercomputing", Boston. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 264-270.

Hey, A. J. G., Surridge, M. and Reeve, J. S. (1988) Migration Aids for Transputers. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Nitsche, U. (1988) Erreichbarkeitsgraphen von Produktnetzen und ihre Auswertung in PROLOG. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, GMD.


Vree, W. G. and Hartel, P. H. (1988) Parallel graph reduction for divide-and-conquer applications -- Part I: program transformation. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Comp. Sys, Univ. of Amsterdam.

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