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Items from Old ECS Groups > Dependable Systems and Software Engineering Research Group in 1991
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(1991) 3rd Workshop Implementation of functional languages on parallel architectures. Technical Report , Dept. of Electr. and Comp. Sci., Univ. of Southampton, UK.

(1991) 4th Workshop Computer Systems. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Comp. Sys, Univ. of Amsterdam.

Butler, M. J. (1991) Behavioural Extension for CSP Processes. In: VDM '91.

Currie, A. J. (1991) High-level Simulation. In: VLSI Circuits and Systems in Silicon. pp. 351-366.

Currie, A. J. and Baker, K. R. (1991) Multiple Objective Optimisation in Behavioural Synthesis. In: IEE Coll. on Formal and Semi-formal Methods for Digital Systems Design. 5/1-5/3.

Edmunds, G. (1991) Zgram: Prototype CASE tools for Z. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK.

Emmerson, M. D., Damper, R. I., Hey, A. J. G. and Upstill, C. (1991) Fault Tolerance and Redundancy of Neural Nets for the Classification okf Acoustic Data. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emmerson, M. D., Damper, R. I., Hey, A. J. G. and Upstill, C. (1991) Fault tolerance and redundancy of a neural net for the classification of acoustic data. In: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP '91), Toronto, Canada. pp. 1061-1064.

Glaser, H. (1991) Distributed Prolog Execution. In: Research Journal. pp. 33-37.

Glaser, H., Hartel, P. H. and Wild, J. M. (1991) Compiling lazy functional languages: A pragmatic approach. In: Research Journal. pp. 50-52.

Glaser, H. and Henderson, P. (1991) Functional Programming. In: Software Engineer's Reference Handbook. 35/1-35/6.

Gravell, A. M. (1991) Specialising Abstract Programs. In: Proc. Proceedings of the 4th Refinement Workshop. pp. 34-50.

Gravell, A. M. (1991) What is a Good Formal Specification. In: Proc. 5th Int. Conf. Annual Z User Meeting. pp. 137-150.

Gravell, A. M. and Henderson, P. (1991) Why Execute Formal Specifications? In: Mathematical Structures for Software Engineering. pp. 165-184.

Harrison, R. (1991) Parallel programming with pure functional languages. In: Research directions in high-level parallel programming languages. pp. 231-252.

Harrison, R. (1991) Pure functional languages and parallelism. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Harrison, R. (1991) Specification and functional languages. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Electr. and Comp. Sci, Univ. of Southampton, UK.

Hartel, P. H. (1991) Performance of lazy combinator graph reduction. Software---practice and experience, 21 (3). pp. 299-329. ISSN ISSN 0038-0644

Hartel, P. H., Glaser, H. and Wild, J. M. (1991) On the benefits of different analyses in the compilation of functional languages. In: Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. Implementation of functional languages on parallel architectures. pp. 123-145.

Henderson, P. and Warboys, B. C. (1991) Configuration Description for Component Reuse. In: Proc. 1st Int. Workshop on Software Reuse.

Hey, A. J. G. (1991) General Purpose Parallel Computers? In: Invited paper at the conference on "Very Large Scale Computation in the 21st Century".

Hey, A. J. G. (1991) The Genesis Distributed Memory Benchmarks. In: Parallel Computing 17, 1275.

Montanari, U. and Sassone, V. (1991) CCS Dynamic Bisimulation is Progressing. In: 16th International Symposium on the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MFCS 1991.. pp. 346-356.

Nitsche, U. (1991) Erreichbarkeitsanalyse von Produktnetzen. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, GMD.

Varadharajan, V. and Sassone, V. (1991) A unifying Petri net model of non-interference and non-deducibility information flow security. Technical Report HPL-91-44, Hewlett Packard Lab, Briston, Hewlett Packard.

Wild, J. M., Glaser, H. and Hartel, P. H. (1991) Statistics on storage management in a lazy functional language implementation. In: Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. Parallel and distributed processing. pp. 73-87.

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