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Items from Old ECS Groups > Dependable Systems and Software Engineering Research Group in 2011
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Anderson, G. (2011) Behavioural Properties and Dynamic Software Update for Concurrent Programs, Thesis Progress Report. Technical Report , ECS, University of Southampton. (Unpublished)

Asnawi, A. L., Gravell, A. and Wills, G. (2011) Empirical Investigation on Agile Methods Usage: Issues Identified from Early Adopters in Malaysia. In: XP2011, 12th International conference on Agile Software Development,, 10-13 May, Madrid Spain. pp. 192-207.

Atig, F. M., Bouajjani, A. and Parlato, G. (2011) Getting Rid of Store-Buffers in the Analysis of Weak Memory Models. In: CAV, July 14-20, 2011, Cliff Lodge, Snowbird, Utah, USA. (In Press)


Barreto, R., Cordeiro, L. and Fischer, B. (2011) Verifying Embedded C Software with Timing Constraints using an Untimed Model Checker. Technical Report , Dependable Systems and Software Engineering, University of Southampton. (Submitted)

Bouajjani, A., Emmi, M. and Parlato, G. (2011) On Sequentializing Concurrent Programs. In: SAS, 14-16 September 2011, Venice, Italy . (In Press)

Butler, M. and Schulte, W. (2011) FM 2011: Formal Methods - 17th International Symposium on Formal Methods, Limerick, Ireland, June 20-24, 2011. Springer.


Carrabs, F., Cerulli, R., Gentili, M. and Parlato, G. (2011) A Tabu Search Heuristic based on k-diamonds for the Weighted Feedback Vertex Set Problem. In: INOC, June 13-16, 2001, Hamburg, Germany. (In Press)

Cirstea, C., Kupke, C. and Pattinson, D. (2011) EXPTIME Tableaux for the Coalgebraic Mu-Calculus. Logical Methods in Computer Science . (In Press)

Cirstea, C., Kurz, A., Pattinson, D., Schröder, L. and Venema, Y. (2011) Modal Logics are Coalgebraic. The Computer Journal, 54 . pp. 31-41.

Cirstea, C. (2011) Maximal Traces and Path-Based Coalgebraic Temporal Logics. Theoretical Computer Science, 412 (38). pp. 5025-5042.

Cirstea, C. (2011) Model Checking Linear Coalgebraic Temporal Logics: an Automata-Theoretic Approach. In: 2011 International Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science. (In Press)

Cordeiro, L. (2011) SMT-Based Bounded Model Checking of Multi-threaded Software in Embedded Systems. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.

Cordeiro, L. (2011) SMT-Based Bounded Model Checking of Multi-threaded Software in Embedded Systems. In: PhD presentation, University of Southampton.

Cordeiro, L. and Fischer, B. (2011) Verifying Multi-threaded Software using SMT-based Context-Bounded Model Checking. In: 33rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), May 21-28, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. pp. 331-340.

Cordeiro, L. and Fischer, B. (2011) Verifying Multi-threaded Software using SMT-based Context-Bounded Model Checking. In: International Conference on Software Engineering, May 21-28, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cordeiro, L., Fischer, B. and Marques-Silva, J. (2011) SMT-Based Bounded Model Checking for Embedded ANSI-C Software. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering . (In Press)


Edmunds, A. and Butler, M. (2011) Tasking Event-B: An Extension to Event-B for Generating Concurrent Code. In: PLACES 2011, 2nd April 2011, Saarbrucken, Germany.


Ferrara, A. L., Madhusudan, P. and Parlato, G. (2011) Security Analysis of Access Control Policies through Program Verification. Submitted to: Not Specified. (Submitted)

Francalanza, A., Rathke, J. and Sassone, V. (2011) Permission-Based Separation Logic for Message-Passing Concurrency. Logical Methods in Computer Science, 7 (3). p. 47.


Gkritsi, A. (2011) Scrum Game:
An Agile Software Management Game.
Masters thesis, University of Southampton.

Gondal, A., Poppleton, M. and Butler, M. (2011) Composing Event-B Specifications - Case-Study Experience. In: 10th International Conference on Software Composition, 30 June – 1 July, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland . pp. 100-115.


Hoang, T. S., Illianov, A., Silva, R. and Wei, W. (2011) Monitor and Update Master Data Case Studies.

Horne, R. (2011) Programming Languages and Principles for Read-Write Linked Data. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.

Horne, R. and Sassone, V. (2011) A Typed Model for Linked Data. Technical Report .

Horne, R. and Sassone, V. (2011) A Verified Algebra for Linked Data. In: 10th International Workshop on the Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures, EPTCS 58, 10th September 2011, Aachen, Germany. pp. 20-33.

Horne, R., Sassone, V. and Gibbins, N. (2011) Operational Semantics for SPARQL Update. In: 1st Joint International Semantic Technology Conference, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4-7th December 2011, Hangzhou, China. pp. 242-257.


Ireland, A., Grov, G., Llano, M. T. and Butler, M. (2011) Reasoned Modelling Critics: Turning Failed Proofs into Modelling Guidance. Science of Computer Programming . (In Press)


Jagadeesan, R., Pitcher, C., Rathke, J. and Riely, J. (2011) Local Memory via Layout Randomization. In: Computer Security Foundations Symposium, 27th -29th June, Domaine de l'Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, France.

Jeffrey, A. and Rathke, J. (2011) The Lax Braided Structure of Streaming I/O. In: Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic, 12th-15th Sep 2011, Bergen, Norway.


La Torre, S., Madhusudan, P. and Parlato, G. (2011) Sequentializing Parameterized Programs. In: Not Specified. (Unpublished)

Lucena Junior, V., Neto, J., Chaves Filho, J. E., da Silva Junior , W. and Cordeiro, L. (2011) Gift Young Engineers: An Extra-Curricular Initiative for Updating Computer and Electrical Engineering Courses. In: 41st ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, October 12 - 15, 2011 , Rapid City, South Dakota. (In Press)


Madhusudan, P. and Parlato, G. (2011) The Tree Width of Auxiliary Storage. In: POPL, January 26-28, 2011, Austin, TX, USA. pp. 283-294.

Madhusudan, P., Parlato, G. and Qiu, X. (2011) Decidable logics combining heap structures and data. In: POPL, January 26-28, 2011, Austin, TX, USA. pp. 611-622.

McSweeney, P., Borthwick, K., Hargood, C., Millard, D. and Howard, Y. (2011) The Mechanisms and Impact of Encouraging Community Engagement in Teaching Repositories. In: Open Repositories 2011, July 2011, Austen, Texas.

Millard, D., Davis, H., Howard, Y., McSweeney, P., Morris, D., Solheim, H. and Yorke, C. (2011) Towards an Institutional PLE. In: The PLE Conference 2011, 11-13 July, Southampton, UK. (In Press)

Morse, J., Cordeiro, L., Nicole, D. and Fischer, B. (2011) Context-Bounded Model Checking of LTL Properties for ANSI-C Software. In: 9th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, 14--18th November 2011, Montevideo, Uruguay. pp. 302-317. (In Press)


Salehi Fathabadi, A., Rezazadeh, A. and Butler, M. (2011) Applying Atomicity and Model Decomposition to a Space Craft System in Event-B. In: THIRD NASA FORMAL METHODS SYMPOSIUM, 18-20 April 2011, Pasadena, California.

Silva, R. (2011) Application of Decomposition and Generic Instantiation. (Unpublished)

Silva, R. (2011) Towards the Composition of Specifications in Event-B. In: B 2011, 21st June 2011, Limerick, Ireland.

Silva, R., Pascal, C., Hoang, T. S. and Butler, M. (2011) Decomposition Tool for Event-B. Software: Practice and Experience, 41 (2). pp. 199-208. ISSN 1097-024X

Snook, C. (2011) Modelling Control Process and Control Mode with Synchronising Orthogonal State Machines. In: B2011, 21st June 2011, Limerick. (Unpublished)


Yang, M. and Sassone, V. (2011) Minimising anonymity loss in anonymity networks under DoS attacks. In: 13th International Conference on Information and Communications Security, 23rd-26th, Nov, 2011, Beijing, China. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 7043 . pp. 414-429.

Yeganefard, S. and Butler, M. (2011) Structuring Functional Requirements of Control Systems to Facilitate Refinement-based Formalisation. Technical Report , Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. (Unpublished)

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