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Items from Old ECS Groups > Electrical Power Engineering in 1993
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Cheng, Y. B. and Sykulski, J. K. (1993) A design shell for force calculations of solenoid actuators. In: pp. 39-46, Computational Mechanics Publications. ISBN 1-85312-240-8

Golosnoy, I. O. (1993) Simple representations of electric microfield distribution in plasmas. Mathematical Modelling (in Russian), 5 (6). pp. 11-23.

Golosnoy, I. O., Kalitkin, N. N. and Volokitin, V. S. (1993) Plasmas microfield and thermal properties of matter. Mathematical Modelling (in Russian), 5 (8). pp. 87-107.

Hughes, J. F. (1993) Limitations to Future Breakthroughs in Powder Coating.

Smallwood, J. M., Bailey, A. G. and Sykulski, J. K. (1993) Electrostatic Discharge Ignition Mechanisms in Sensitive Dust Layers.

Stoll, R. L., Bodner, B. and Al-Khoury, A. H. (1993) Method of Magnetic Sources Applied to the Basic Configuration of a Rotating Electrical Machine. <A HREF="">IEE Proceedings</A> B (Electric-Power-Applications), 140 (3). pp. 217-31. ISSN 0143-7038

Sutton, S. J. and Vaughan, A. S. (1993) A novel technique for the examination of internal morphologies using embedding and permanganic etching. J. Mater. Sci., 28 . pp. 4962-9.

Sutton, S. J. and Vaughan, A. S. (1993) On the growth of polypyrrole from solutions of methanol and water. Synth. Metals., 58 . pp. 391-402.

Sykulski, J. K. (1993) Review of the book 'The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics'.

Sykulski, J. K. (1993) Tubes and slices: a software package for dual field calculations. In: pp. 247-54, Computational Mechanics Publications. ISBN 1-85312-240-8

Vaughan, A. S. (1993) Etching and the morphology of poly(vinylidene fluoride). J. Mater. Sci., 28 . pp. 1805-13.

Vaughan, A. S. (1993) Polymer microscopy. pp. 297-332, Blackie Academic & Professional. ISBN 0-7514-0082-3

Vaughan, A. S. and Stevens, G. C. (1993) On radiation effects in PEEK. NATO ASI Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 405 pp. 449-54, Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 0-7923-2350-5

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