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Items from Old ECS Groups > Electronic Systems and Devices Group in 1999
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Atkinson, J. K., Cranny, A., Glasspool, W. V. and Mihell, J. A. (1999) An investigation of the performance characteristics and operational lifetimes of multi-element thick film sensor arrays used in the determination of water quality parameters. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 54 . pp. 215-231.

Beeby, S. P., Blackburn, A. and White, N. M. (1999) Processing of PZT piezoelectric thick-films on silicon for microelectromechanical systems. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 9 (3). pp. 218-29.

Beeby, S. P., Blackburn, A. and White, N. M. (1999) Silicon micromachining processes combined with thick-film printed PZT actuators for MicroElectroMechanical systems. Materials Letters, 40 . pp. 187-91.

Beeby, S. P., Ross, J. N. and White, N. M. (1999) A novel thick-film PZT/micromachined silicon accelerometer. Electronics Letters, 25 (23). pp. 2060-62.

Cole, M., Gardner, J. W., Lim, A. W. Y., Scivier, P. K. and Brignell, J. E. (1999) Polymeric resistive bridge gas sensor array driven by a standard CMOS current drive chip. Sensors and Actuators, B58 . pp. 518-525. ISSN 0925-4005

Duzenli, G., Kilic, Y., Kuntman, H. and Ataman, A. (1999) On the design of low-frequency filters using CMOS OTAs operating in the subthreshold. Microelectronics Journal, 30 (1). pp. 45-54. ISSN 0026-2692

Harris, N. and White, N. (1999) Practical Properties of a Thick-Film Elastic Wave Sensor Structure. Sensors and Actuators, 76 . pp. 83-88.

Yasin, S. M. T. A. and White, N. M. (1999) Application of artificial neural networks to intelligent weighing systems. IEE Proceedings Science Measurement and Technology, 146 (6). pp. 1-6.

Conference or Workshop Item

Beeby, S. P., Stuttle, M., Papakostas, T. and White, N. M. (1999) A low-cost micromachined silicon capacitive pressure sensor for industrial applications. In: Proceedings of Sensors and their Applications X. pp. 131-136.

Beeby, S. P. and White, N. M. (1999) Thick-film printed PZT actuator and polymer masking layers for micromachined silicon devices. In: Proceedings of Sensors and their Applications X. pp. 131-136.

Dudek, F., Al-Hashimi, B. M. and Moniri, M. (1999) Compensation of non-ideal effects in video frequency sinc(x) equalisers using tunable gm_c structure. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 148-51.

Kilic, Y., Chalk, C. D. and Zwolinski, M. (1999) Design and Realisation of a New Built-In Current Sensor for Mixed-Signal IDDD Test. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 55-60.

Kilic, Y. and Zwolinski, M. (1999) Testing analog circuits by supply voltage variation and supply current monitoring. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 155-8.

Lam, Y. and Zwolinski, M. (1999) Topology Selector for Analogue Circuits. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 209-12.

Lancaster, J. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) Efficient Switched Current Wave Elliptic Filters Based on Direct and Inverse Bruton Transformations. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 235-241.

Living, J. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) Architecture-mapped concurrent-transform programmable 2D FIR filters for serial image processing. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 112-116.

Living, J. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) Mixed arithmetic architecture: a solution to the iteration bound for resources FPGA and CPLD recursive digital filters. In: IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, USA. pp. 478-81.

Living, J. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) New resource saving differential coefficient coding algorithm for recursive FIR filter design. In: IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, USA. pp. 478-81.

Living, J. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) FPGA based video signal decimators for sample rate reduction from 27/28.64 MHz to 13.5/14.32 MHz. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 38-42.

Maharatna, K. and Banerjee, S. (1999) Low Power CORDIC Processor Design Using Transmission Gate Logic on Sea of Gates. In: Int’l Conference on Modeling Simulation and Communication (CMSC) 1999, Jaipur, India.

Nicolici, N. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) Efficient BIST hardware insertion with low test application time for synthesized data paths. In: IEEE/ACM Design, Automation and Test in Europe. pp. 289-295.

Papakostas, T. and White, N. M. (1999) Polymer thick-film sensors and their applications. In: Proceedings of Sensors and their Applications X. pp. 125-30.

White, N. M. and Augousti, A. T. (1999) Sensors and their Applications X. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wilson, P. R. (1999) Design and Analysis of Phase Locked Loops using behavioral modeling and mixed mode simulation techniques. In: DATE.

Yang, Z. R. and Zwolinski, M. (1999) Fast, robust DC and transient fault simulation for nonlinear analogue circuits. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 244-8.

Yasin, S. M. T. A. and White, N. M. (1999) Using artificial neural networks to determine the impulse response of sensors. In: Proceedings of Sensors and their Applications X. pp. 131-136.

Zwolinski, M. and Tan, C. H. (1999) Characterisation of Analog Macromodels under Fault Conditions using a Probabilistic Neural Network. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 157-60.


Claverol, E. T., Cannon, R. C., Chad, J. E. and Brown, A. D. (1999) Event based neuron models for biological simulation: a model of the locomotion circuitry of the nematode C. elegans. pp. 217-223, World Scientific Engineering Society Press. ISBN 960-8052-05-X

Book Section

Beeby, S. P. and Tudor, M. J. (1999) Micromechanical resonators. In: pp. 665-76, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. ISBN 0-471-13946-7

Brignell, J. E. and White, N. M. (1999) Sensors in Adaptronics. In: pp. 241-254, Springer. ISBN 3-540-61484-2

Mani, R. and Ross, J. N. (1999) Morphometry and other measurements. In: pp. 81-98, WB Saunders. ISBN 0702022063


D, M. and T., K. (1999) Pre-synthesis circuit activity for VHDL.

Ea, C. S. and Brown, A. D. (1999) Enhanced pattern area density proximity effect correction.

Kollig, P. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (1999) Reduction of latency and resource usage in bit-level pipelined data ptahs for FPGAs.

Muggleton, J. M., Allen, R. and Chappell, P. H. (1999) Hand and arm injuries associated with repetitive manual work in industry:a review of disorders, risk factors and preventive measures.

Pedder, D. A. G., Brown, A. D. and Skinner, J. A. (1999) A contactless energy transmission system.

T, K. and J, B. (1999) A modified Jiles-Atherton model of ferromagnetic hysteresis for behavioral circuit simulation in VHDL-AMS.

Wong, S. C., Brown, A. D. and Zwolinski, M. (1999) Simulation of losses in resonant converter circuits.

Yeap, H. and Ross, J. N. (1999) Extending the prediction of epileptic seizures using finite impulse response multilayer perceptrons.

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