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Acharyya, A., Maharatna, K., Al-Hashimi, B. and Reeve, J. (2011) Co-ordinate Rotation based Low Complexity N-D FastICA Algorithm and Architecture. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing . (In Press)

Ahmadi, A., Mangieri, E., Maharatna, K., Dasmahapatra, S. and Zwolinski, M. (2011) On the VLSI Implementation of Adaptive-Frequency Hopf Oscillator. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS—I: REGULAR PAPERS, 58 (7). (In Press)

Ahmadi, A. and Zwolinski, M. (2011) Fixed-Point Multiplication: A Probabilistic Bit-Pattern View. Microelectronics Reliability, 51 (4). pp. 790-796. ISSN 0026-2714

Bailey, J. A., Wilcock, R., Wilson, P. R. and Chad, J. E. (2011) Behavioral simulation and synthesis of biological neuron systems using synthesizable VHDL. Neurocomputing, 74 (14-15). 2392- 2406.

Cranny, A., Harris, N. R., Nie, M., Wharton, J. A., Wood, R. J. K. and Stokes, K. R. (2011) Screen-printed potentiometric Ag/AgCl chloride sensors: Lifetime performance and their use in soil salt measurements. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 169 (2). pp. 288-294.

Halak, B. and Yakovlev, A. (2011) Statistical analysis of crosstalk-induced errors for on-chip interconnects. IET Computers & Digital Techniques, 5 (2). ISSN 1751-8601

Hughes, A. M., Freeman, C., Chappell, P., Lewin, P., Rogers, E., Burridge, J., Donovan-Hall, M. and Dibb, B. (2011) Stroke participants’ perceptions of robotic and electrical stimulation therapy: a new approach. Disability and Rehabilitation: Technology, 6 (2). pp. 130-138.

Kazmierski, T., Wang, L., Al-Hashimi, B. and Merrett, G. (2011) An explicit linearized state-space technique for accelerated simulation of electromagnetic vibration energy harvesters. IEEE Transactions on COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN of Integrated Circuits and Systems . (In Press)

Li, K., Wilcock, R. and Wilson, P. (2011) 120nm 1.2V Low Noise VCO With Over Seven Octave Tuning Range. Electronics Letters, 47 (6). pp. 368-369.

Mazomenos, E., De Jager, D., Reeve, J. and White, N. (2011) A Two-Way Time of Flight Ranging Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks. In the 8th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2011), February 23-25 2011, Bonn, Germany. Published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6567 . pp. 163-178. ISSN 0302-9743

Merrett, G. (2011) Wireless Sensor Networks for Process Monitoring: The Rise of Remote Control (Editorial). Energy and Environmental Management, 2011 (Summer). p. 43.

Metcalf, C. and Notley, S. (2011) Modified Kinematic Technique for Measuring
Pathological Hyperextension and Hypermobility
of the Interphalangeal Joints.
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 58 (5). pp. 1224-1231. ISSN 0018-9294

Shafik, R., Al-Hashimi, B. and Reeve, J. (2011) Design Optimization of Low Power and Reliable Time-Constrained Homogeneous MPSoCs. TBA . (Submitted)

Weddell, A., Merrett, G. and Al-Hashimi, B. (2011) Photovoltaic Sample-and-Hold Circuit Enabling MPPT Indoors for Low-Power Systems. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers . (In Press)

Weddell, A., Merrett, G., Kazmierski, T. and Al-Hashimi, B. (2011) Accurate Supercapacitor Modeling for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Nodes. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs . (In Press)

Yang, S., Khursheed, S. S., Al-Hashimi, B., Flynn, D. and Idgunji, S. (2011) Reliable State Retention-Based Embedded Processors Through Monitoring and Recovery. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS . (In Press)

Zhong, S., Khursheed, S. and Al-Hashimi, B. (2011) A Fast and Accurate Process Variation-aware Modeling Technique for Resistive Bridge Defects. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems . (In Press)

Zhu, D., Beeby, S., Tudor, J. and Harris, N. (2011) A credit card sized self powered smart sensor node. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 169 (2). pp. 317-325.

Conference or Workshop Item

Acharyya, A., Maharatna, K. and Al-Hashimi, B. (2011) Predictive Algorithm Based Low Complexity 2D FastICA. In: UK Electronics Forum 2011, 4-5 July, 2011, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. (In Press)

Acharyya, A., Maharatna, K., Al-Hashimi, B. and Tudugalle, H. (2011) Simplified Logic Design Methodology for Fuzzy Membership Function based Robust Detection of Maternal Modulus Maxima Location : a Low Complexity Fetal ECG Extraction Architecture for Mobile Health Monitoring Systems. In: IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 15-18 May, 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (In Press)

Cranny, A., Harris, N., Lewis, A., Neodo, S., Nie, M., Stokes, K., Wharton, J. and Wood, R. (2011) Microfluidic Devices for Structural Health Monitoring. In: Marine Energy Systems Workshop Day, 23/03/11, University of Southampton, UK.

Cranny, A., Harris, N., Lewis, A., Neodo, S., Nie, M., Stokes, K., Wharton, J. and Wood, R. (2011) Microfluidic Devices for Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity. In: Joint Academic Research Program for Defence, 24/03/11, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Porton Down, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK.

De Jager, D., Wood, A. L., Merrett, G. V., Al-Hashimi, B. M., O'Hara, K., Shadbolt, N. R. and Hall, W. (2011) A low-power, distributed, pervasive healthcare system for supporting memory. In: 1st ACM MobiHoc Workshop on Pervasive Wireless Healthcare (MobileHealth 2011), 16th May 2011, Paris, France.

Handford, D. and Rogers, A. (2011) Modelling Driver Interdependent Behaviour in Agent-Based Traffic Simulations for Disaster Management. In: The Ninth International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 6-8 April 2011, University of Salamanca, Spain. pp. 163-172.

Hill, K., Burridge, J., Micera, S. and Metcalf, C. (2011) Kinematics of Unimpaired Reach-Grasp-Release During Robotic Assisted Reaching. In: XXIII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, 3 - 7 July 2011, Brussels, Belgium. p. 216.

Huang, H., Merrett, G. and White, N. (2011) Human-powered inertial energy harvesters: the effect of orientation, location and activity on obtainable power. In: Eurosensors XXV, 4-7 September 2011, Athens, Greece.

Khursheed, S. S., Yang, S., Al-Hashimi, B., Huang, X. and Flynn, D. (2011) Improved DFT for Testing Power Switches. In: 16th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS 2011), 23-27 May, 2011, Trondheim, Norway.

Kulakov, A. and Zwolinski, M. (2011) Combining Hebbian and Reinforcement Methods in a Biologically-inspired Adaptive Agent. In: 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, February 2011, Singapore.

Kulakov, A. and Zwolinski, M. (2011) Reducing the Active Paths Interference in the Chiavo-Bak “Minibrain” Model. In: 3rd International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (ICCMS 2011), January 2011, Mumbai, India.

Lewis, A., Cranny, A., Green, N., Harris, N., Stokes, K., Wharton, J. and Wood, R. (2011) A Closed-loop, Non-linear, Miniaturised Capillary Electrophoresis System Enabled by Control of Electroosmotic Flow. In: The 15th International Symposium on Field- and Flow-based Separations (FFF 2011), 23/05/11 - 25/05/11, San Francisco.

Mazomenos, E., Acharyya, A. and Maharatna, K. (2011) Clinical Feature Extraction for Mobile ECG. In: 8th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalised Health (pHealth 2011), 29 June - 1 July 2011, Lyon, France.

Merrett, G. V., Metcalf, C. D., Zheng, D., Cunningham, S., Barrow, S. and Demain, S. H. (2011) Design and Qualitative Evaluation of Tactile Devices for Stroke Rehabilitation. In: IET Assisted Living 2011, 06 April 2011, London, UK.

Merrett, M., Asenov, P., Wang, Y., Zwolinski, M., Reid, D., Millar, C., Roy, S., Liu, Z., Furber, S. and Asenov, A. (2011) Modelling circuit performance variations due to statistical variability: Monte Carlo static timing analysis. In: Design, Automation Test in Europe Conference Exhibition (DATE), 2011. 1 -4.

Suresh, L., Rameshan, N., Gaur, M. S., Zwolinski, M. and Laxmi, V. (2011) Acceleration of Functional Validation using GPGPU. In: Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE 6th International Workshop on Electronic Design, Test and Application (DELTA 2011). pp. 211-216.

Wang, L., Kazmierski, T., Al-Hashimi, B., Weddell, A., Merrett, G. and Ayala Garcia, I. (2011) Accelerated simulation of tunable vibration energy harvesting systems using a linearised state-space technique. In: Design, Test and Automation in Europe (DATE 2011), March 14-18, 2011, Grenoble, France.

Weddell, A., Merrett, G. and Al-Hashimi, B. (2011) Ultra Low-Power Photovoltaic MPPT Technique for Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Sensor Nodes. In: Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), 14-18 March 2011, Grenoble, France. pp. 905-908.

Wood, A. L., de Jager, D., Merrett, G. V., Al-Hashimi, B. M., O'Hara, K., Shadbolt, N. R. and Hall, W. (2011) DejaView: a low-power, distributed, pervasive system for supporting memory. In: 1st ACM MobiHoc Workshop on Pervasive Wireless Healthcare (MobileHealth 2011), 16th May 2011, Paris, France. (Unpublished)

Xun, L., Shiqi, T., Merrett, G. and White, N. (2011) Energy-Efficient Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks through Spatial Correlation. In: IEEE Int'l Conf. Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2011), 7-10 August 2011, Beijing, China. pp. 1068-1073.

Zhao, Y., Khursheed, S. and Al-Hashimi, B. (2011) Cost-Effective TSV Grouping for Yield Improvement of 3D-ICs. In: ATS 2011, November 2011, India. (In Press)

Zhong, S., Khursheed, S., Al-Hashimi, B., Reddy, S. and Chakrabarty, K. (2011) Analysis of Resistive Bridge Defect Delay Behavior in the Presence of Process Variation. In: Asian Test Symposium 2011, 21-23 November, 2011, New Delhi, India. (In Press)

Book Section

Zhu, D. and Beeby, S. (2011) Kinetic energy harvesting. In: Energy Harvesting Systems: Principles, Modeling and Applications, pp. 1-78, Springer. ISBN 978-1-4419-7565-2

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