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Al-Hashim, B. M., Dudek, F. and Moniri, M. (2000) Current mode group delay equalisation using pole-zero mirroring techniques. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 257-63.

Al-Hashimi, B. M., Dudek, F. and Sun, Y. (2000) CMOS Design of Group Delay Equaliser. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 163-169.

Al-hashimi, B. and Nicolici, N. (2000) Low Power Testing of Digital ICs: Overview. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 3-4.

Butler, M. J. (2000) csp2B: A Practical Approach to Combining CSP and B. Formal Aspects of Computing, 12 . pp. 182-196. ISSN 0934-5043

Butler, M. J. and Meagher, M. M. R. (2000) Performing Algorithmic Refinement before Data Refinement in B. In: Proc. ZB2000: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B. pp. 324-343.

Butler, M. (2000) On the Use of Data Refinement in the Development of Secure Communications Systems.

Butler, M. and Ferreira, C. (2000) A Process Compensation Language. In: Integrated Formal Methods IFM2000. p. 61.

Chen, J. L., Gunn, S. R., Nixon, M. S., Myers, R. P. and Gunn, R. N. (2000) A Supervised Method for PET Reference Region Extraction. In: Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, London, U.K.. pp. 179-182.

Chen, S., Gunn, S. R. and Harris, C. J. (2000) Decision feedback equalizer design using support vector machines. IEE Proceedings Vision, Image and Signal Processing, 147 (3). pp. 213-219.

Christensen, S. W., Kandola, J. S., Femminella, O. P., Gunn, S. R., Reed, P. A. S. and Sinclair, I. (2000) Adaptive Numerical Modelling of Commercial Aluminium Plate Performance. In: Mater. Sci. Forum, pp. 533-538, UNSPECIFIED.

Cirstea, C. (2000) An Algebra-Coalgebra Framework for System Specification. In: 3rd International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science. pp. 80-110.

Cirstea, C. (2000) Integrating Observations and Computations in the Specification of State-Based, Dynamical Systems. PhD thesis, University of Oxford.

Crowder, R. M., Hall, W., Health, I. and Wills, G. (2000) Industrial strength hypermedia : Design, Implementation and Application. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 13 (3). pp. 173-86. ISSN 13623052

Damper, R. I., Gunn, S. R. and Gore, M. O. (2000) Extracting phonetic knowledge from learning systems: Perceptrons, support vector machines and linear discriminants. Applied Intelligence, 12 (1-2). pp. 43-62.

de Watteville, A. and Gilbert, L. (2000) Information and Communication Technology. Heinemann. ISBN 0435 453076

DeRoure, D., Moreau, L., Butler, M., Chown, T. and Hartel, P. (2000) Study of Security in Multi-Agent Architectures. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, DERA.

Dudek, F., Al-Hashimi, B. M. and Moniri, M. (2000) Current Mode Elliptic Filter Design Based on Symmertical Current Switching. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 163-77.

Fangohr, H., Price, A. R., Cox, S. J., Groot, P. A. J. d., Daniell, G. J. and Thomas, K. S. (2000) Efficient Methods for Handling Long-Range Forces in Particle-Particle Simulations. Journal of Computational Physics, 162 (2). pp. 372-384.

Femminella, O. P., Starink, M. J., Gunn, S. R., Harris, C. J. and Reed, P. A. S. (2000) Neurofuzzy and SUPANOVA Modelling of Structure-Property Relationships in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys. In: pp. 1255-1260, UNSPECIFIED.

Gao, J. B., Gunn, S. R. and Kandola, J. S. (2000) A Variational Approach for Adapting Kernels in Support Vector Regression. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS13) Kernel Workshop, Breckenridge, CO, U.S.A..

Gao, J. B., Harris, C. J., Gunn, S. R. and Brown, M. (2000) The error bar estimation for soft classification with Gaussian process models. In: ICSC Second Int. Symp. Neural Computation, Berlin, Germany.

Garratt, P. W. and Bennion, M. J. (2000) Adaptive Error Correction on a Data Link. In: Proc. Int. Conf. on Software Engineering Applied to Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing, SNPD 2000. pp. 418-425.

Glaser, H., Hartel, P. H. and Garratt, P. W. (2000) Programming by Numbers: A Programming Method for Complete Novices. Computer Journal, 43 (4). pp. 252-265. ISSN 0010-4620

Gonciari, P. T. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (2000) Modified Isolation Rings for Parallel Test Access in Core Based SoC. In: IEE System on a Chip Workshop. 10/1-10/4.

Gravell, A. M. (2000) Logical Refinement of Imperative Programs: generating code from verified conditions. In: Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming and Software Engineering LPSE2000. pp. 2-16.

Gunn, S. R. (2000) Modelling with Support Vector Machines. In: Lecture Notes on Iterative Identification and Control Design. 289--321.

Hall, W., Hughes, G. V., Martinez, K., Weal, M. J. and Wills, G. B. (2000) Digitising the Turing Archive: A Pilot Study. Technical Report , Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.

Heath, I., Wills, G., Crowder, R., Hall, W. and Ballantyne, J. (2000) Towards a new authoring methodology for large scale hypermedia applications. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 12 (2/3). pp. 129-44. ISSN 13807501

Kandola, J. S. and Gunn, S. R. (2000) Assessing the Stability of Advanced Transparent Modelling Techniques. In: CRM Workshop on Combining and Selecting Models using Machine Learning Algorithms, Montreal, Canada.

Maharatna, K. and Banerjee, S. (2000) CORDIC Based Array Architecture for Affine Transformation of Images. In: Int’l Conference on Communications, Computers and Devices (ICCD) 2000, Kharagpur, India. pp. 645-648.

Maharatna, K., Grass, E. and Jagdhold, U. (2000) A Low-Power 64-point FFT/IFFT Architecture for Wireless Broadband Communication. In: 7th Int’l Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communication (MoMuC) 2000, Tokyo, Japan. 2A-2-1-2A-2-4.

Maharatna, K., Grass, E. and Jagdhold, U. (2000) A Low-Power 64-point FFT/IFFT Architecture for Wireless Broadband Communication. In: 5th International OFDM Workshop 2000, Hamburg, Germany. 36-1-36-3.

Nicolici, N., Al-Hashimi, B. M., Brown, A. D. and Williams, A. C. (2000) BIST Hardware Synthesis for RTL Data Paths Based on Test Compatibility Classes. IEEE Transactions on CAD, 19 (11). pp. 1375-1385.

Nicolici, N., Al-Hashimi, B. M. and Williams, A. C. (2000) Mimimising Power Dissipation During Test Application in Full Scan Sequential Circuits by Primary Input Freezing. IEE Proceedings - Computers and Digital Techniques, 147 (5). pp. 313-322.

Nicolici, N. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (2000) Power Minimisation Techniques for Testing Low Power VLSI Circuits. In: IEE Postgraduate Research and Electronics and Photonics (PREP). pp. 7-12.

Nicolici, N. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (2000) Power Conscious Test Synthesis and Scheduling. In: IEEE International Test Conference (ITC). pp. 662-671.

Nicolici, N. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (2000) Scan Latch Partitioning into Multiple Scan Chains for Power Minimization in Full Scan Sequential Circuits. In: IEEE/ACM Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE). pp. 715-722.

Papiani, M., Wason, J. L. and Nicole, D. A. (2000) An Architecture for Management of Large, Distributed, Scientific Data Using SQL/MED and XML. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Advances in Database Technology - EDBT 2000: 7th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Konstanz, Germany, March 2000. Proceedings , 1777 . pp. 447-461. ISSN 0302-9743

Schmitz, M. T. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (2000) Energy Minimisation for Processor Cores using Variable Supply Voltages. In: IEE System on a Chip Workshop. 10/1-10/4.

Schmitz, M. T. and Al-Hashimi, B. M. (2000) Low Power Process Assignment for Distributed Embedded Systems using Dynamic Voltage Scaling. In: IEE Hardware-Software Co-Design. 7/1-7/4.

Shi, D., Gunn, S. R., Damper, R. I. and Shu, W. (2000) Recognition rule acquisition by an advanced extension matrix algorithm. Engineering Intelligent Systems for Electrical Engineering and Communications, 8 (2). pp. 97-101.

Snook, C. and Butler, M. (2000) Verifying Dynamic Properties of UML Models by Translation to the B Language and Toolkit. In: UML 2000 Workshop, Dynamic Behaviour in UML Models: Semantic Questions.

Thomas, K. (2000) Ada User Journal. Ada User Journal, 21 (2). pp. 143-152. ISSN 1381-6551

Wills , G. B. (2000) The Design and Evaluation of Industrial Hypermedia. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.

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