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Harnad, S., ed. (1987) Categorical Perception: The Groundwork of Cognition. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-26758-7

Burton, A. M. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1987) POP-11 Programming for Artificial Intelligence. Addison-Wesley.

Burton, A. M., Shadbolt, N. R., Hedgecock, A. P. and Rugg, G. (1987) A Formal Evaluation of Knowledge Elicitation Techniques for Expert Systems: Domain 1. In: Research and Development in Expert Systems IV.

Cooper, M. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1987) Intelligent Interfaces.

Evans, A. and Hall, W. (1987) Programming Inequality.

Hall, W. (1987) The Art of Programming. In: Ellis-Horword.

Hall, W. and Layman, J. (1987) Implementing Problem Solving in the Curriculum using Computer Simulation. In: Developments in Educational Software and Courseware, Proceedings of EURIT'86, University of Twente, Netherlands, May 1986. pp. 361-368.

Hall, W. and Lovegrove, G. (1987) Where Have All the Girls Gone? University Computing . pp. 207-210.

Harnad, S. (1987) Category Induction and Representation. In: pp. 535-65, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-26758-7

Harnad, S. (1987) Psychophysical and cognitive aspects of categorical perception: A critical overview. In: pp. 1-25, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-26758-7

Nightingale, J. M. and Crowder, R. M. (1987) The hierarchical control of subsea manipulators. In: Proceedings of Fifth International Conferance on Electronics for Ocean Technology. pp. 131-8.

Reichgelt, H. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1987) Epistemics Logic and Cooperative Planning. In: Papers of 7th Special Interest Group on Planning.

Schweickert, R., Burton, A. M., Taylor, N. K., Corlett, E. N., Shadbolt, N. R. and Hedgecock, A. P. (1987) Comparing Knowledge Elicitation Techniques: A Case Study. Artificial Intelligence Review, 1 . pp. 245-253.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1987) Building Expert Systems: Cognitive Emulation. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 2 (2). pp. 137-139.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1987) Preliminary Report of the Workshop on Teaching AI in Departments of Psychology.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1987) Report on the Assumption Based Reasoning Theme. In: Proceedings of 2nd Workshop on the Explanation Special Interest Group.

Shadbolt, N. R. and Musson, C. (1987) Cooperative Planning: A Foundation for Communicative Negotiation. In: Papers of the 6th Special Interest Group on Planning.

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