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Bowles, R. L. and Damper, R. I. (1989) Application of Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence to improved-accuracy, isolated word recognition. In: Proceedings of Eurospeech'89. pp. 384-387.

Cohen, D. A. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1989) Feedforward Neural Networks: a Tutorial. In: New Developments in Neural Computing, London, Inst of Physics Pub Inc. ISBN 0852741936

Damper, R. I. and Burgess, N. (1989) Path testing of MOS circuits. In: Design and Test Techniques for VLSI and WSI Circuits. pp. 158-183.

Honarmand, R. and Nunn, D. (1989) Performance Assessments of a Robust Broadband Time Domain Adaptive Beamformer, Proc. Institute of Acoustics Conference, Loughborough. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 140-147.

Hukin, R. W. and Damper, R. I. (1989) Testing an auditory model by resynthesis. In: Proceedings of Eurospeech'89. pp. 243-246.

Lucas, S. M. and Damper, R. I. (1989) A new learning paradigm for neural networks. In: IEE Conference Publication No. 313, 1st IEE International Conference on Neural Networks. pp. 346-350.

Lucas, S. M. and Damper, R. I. (1989) Using stochastic grammars for mmodelling and recognising cursive script. In: IEE Colloquium on Character Recognition and Applications. 3/1-3/4.

Nunn, D. and Honarmand, R. (1989) A Broadband Direction Finding Algorithm for a Hull Mounted Sonar Array. Report submitted to Plessey Naval Systems, Templecombe. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Pont, M. J. (1989) The Role of the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus in the Perception of Voicing Contrasts in Initial English Stop Consonants: A Computational Modelling Study. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.

Pont, M. J. and Damper, R. I. (1989) A possible neural basis for the categorical perception of the voiced/voiceless contrast. In: Proceedings of Eurospeech'89. pp. 239-242.

Pont, M. J. and Damper, R. I. (1989) The representation of synthetic stop consonants in a computational model of the dorsal cochlear nucleus. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 86 . S45-S36 (abstract).

Riess, P. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1989) The RSA Public Key Cryptosystem. Technical Report , Computer Science, RHBNC, University of London.

Shawe-Taylor, J. (1989) Building Symmetries into Feedforward Networks. In: Proceedings of First IEE Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, London, pp. 158-162, Inspec/Iee. ISBN 0 85296 388 2

Shawe-Taylor, J. (1989) Review of "Cryptography - An Introduction to Computer
Security", by Seberry and Peiprzek.
Prentice Hall advances in computer science series, 12 (3) 259--260, Prentice Hall, Sydney. ISBN 0131949861

Turnbull, J. M., Sapeluk, A. T. and Damper, R. I. (1989) A new method of pole-tracking with application to vowel and semivowel recognition. In: Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP'89). pp. 568-571.

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