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Abrishami, H., Mahmoodi, S. and Zahedi, E. (1991) Computer Simulation of Ultrasound Wave Propagation in Human Tissue. In: Iranian Congress of Medical Physics, 1991, Tehran, Iran.

Brown, M., Fraser, R. J. C., Harris, C. J. and Moore, C. G. (1991) Intelligent Self-Organising Controllers for Autonomous Guided Vehicles: Comparative Aspects of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Nets. In: Control '91. 134--139.

Brown, M. and Harris, C. J. (1991) Autonomous Vehicle Identification and Piloting through a New Class of Associative Memory Neural Nets. In: Colloq. Neural Networks for Systems.

Brown, M. and Harris, C. J. (1991) Intelligent Control for Autonomous Vehicles using Real-Time Adaptive Associative Memory Neural Networks. In: 2nd Int. Conf. on Artificial Neural Networks. 144--149.

Brown, M. and Harris, C. J. (1991) A Nonlinear Adaptive Controller: A Comparison between Fuzzy Logic Control and Neurocontrol. IMA Jnl. of Mathematical Control and Information, 8 (3). 239--265.

Corfield, S. J., Fraser, R. J. C. and Harris, C. J. (1991) Architectures for Real-Time Control of Autonomous Vehicles. IEE Computing and Control Engineering Journal., 2 (6). 254--262.

Daalen, M. V., Jeavons, P. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1991) Probabilistic Bit Stream Neural Chip: Implementation. In: Oxford Workshop on VLSI for Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks September 1990, pp. 285-294, New York: Plenum. ISBN 0-306-44029-6

Damper, R. I. (1991) Statistical inferencing of text-phonemics correspondences. In: Phonetics Experimental Research at the Institute of Linguistics, University of Stockholm, PERILUS XIII, Papers from the 5th National Phonetics Conference.. pp. 109-112.

Emmerson, M. D., Damper, R. I., Hey, A. J. G. and Upstill, C. (1991) Fault Tolerance and Redundancy of Neural Nets for the Classification okf Acoustic Data. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emmerson, M. D., Damper, R. I., Hey, A. J. G. and Upstill, C. (1991) Fault tolerance and redundancy of a neural net for the classification of acoustic data. In: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP '91), Toronto, Canada. pp. 1061-1064.

Fraser, R. J. C., Harris, C. J., Mathias, L. W. and Rayner, N. J. W. (1991) Implementing Task Level Mission Management for Intelligent Autonomous Systems. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence., 4 (4). 257--268.

Harris, C. J. (1991) Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles: Editorial. Special issue of Int. J. Engr. Applic. of AI., 4 (4). 251--256.

Lucas, S. M. (1991) Connectionist Architectures for Syntactic Pattern Recognition. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.

Lucas, S. M. and Damper, R. I. (1991) Application of syntactic neural nets to text-phonetics conversion. In: Proc. Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. 509--512.

Luk, R. W. P. and Damper, R. I. (1991) A novel approach to inferring letter-phoneme correspondences. In: Proc. Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. 741--744.

Luk, R. W. P. and Damper, R. I. (1991) Stochastic transduction for English text-to-phoneme conversion. In: Proc. Eurospeech '91. 779--782.

Mahmoodi, S., Abrishamchi, H. and Zahedi, E. (1991) Computer Simulation of Ultrasonic Imaging System and Its Application. In: The 4th Seminar on Biomedical Engineering, 1991, Tehran, Iran.

Muammar, H. and Nixon, M. S. (1991) Tristage Hough Transform for Multiple Ellipse Extraction. IEE Proceedings, Part E, 138 (1). 27--35.

Nunn, D. (1991) The Numerical Simulation of the Performance of a Robustised Broadband Frequency Domain LMXS Adaptive Beamformer with Multipathing, Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 306-343.

Pont, M. J. and Damper, R. I. (1991) A computational model of afferent neural activity from the cochlea to the dorsal acoustic stria. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 89 . 1213--1228.

Scutt, T. W. and Damper, R. I. (1991) Computational modelling of small neuronal systems. In: Proc. Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks. 430--435.

Shadle, C. H. (1991) The effect of geometry on source mechanisms of fricative consonants. J. Phonetics, 19 . 409--424.

Shadle, C. H. (1991) Source parameters for the fricative consonants /s, S, ç, x/,. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 89 (2). p. 1893.

Shadle, C. H., Badin, P. and Moulinier, A. (1991) Towards the Spectral Characteristics of Fricative Consonants. In: Proc. 12th Int. Congress of Phonetic Sciences. pp. 42-45.

Shadle, C. H., Barney, A. M. and Thomas, D. W. (1991) An Investigation into the Acoustics and Aerodynamics of the Larynx. In: Vocal Fold Physiology. pp. 73-82.

Shawe-Taylor, J. and Anthony, M. (1991) Sample Sizes for Multiple Output Threshold Networks. Network, 2 (1). pp. 107-117. ISSN 0954-898x

Shawe-Taylor, J., Jeavons, P. and Daalen, M. (1991) Probabilistic Bit Stream Neural Chip: Theory. Connection Science, 3 (3). pp. 317-328. ISSN 0954-0091

Shawe-Taylor, J. (1991) The Asymptotic Equipartition Property for Two dimensional Ergodic Arrays. Technical Report , Computer Science, RHBNC, University of London.

Sullivan, K. P. H. and Damper, R. I. (1991) Speech synthesis by analogy: recent advances and results. In: Proc. Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. 761--764.

Turnbull, J. M. (1991) A New Computer-Based Speech Therapy Tutor for Vowel Production. PhD thesis, Dundee Institute of Technology.

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