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(1998) ESPRIT Projects. In: Euro-Par '98 - Parallel Processing, September 1998, Southampton, UK.

Cooke, D. S., Hewer, N. D., White, T. S., Galt, S., Luk, B. L. and Hammond, J. S. (1998) Implementation of Modularity in Robug IV. In: CLAWAR 98, Brussels, Belgium.

DeRoure, D. C., Hall, W., Reich, S., Pikrakis, A., Hill, G. J. and Stairmand, M. (1998) An Open Architecture for Supporting Collaboration on the Web. In: IEEE Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WET-ICE), June 1998, Stanford, CA, USA.

DeRoure, D. C., Hall, W., Reich, S., Pikrakis, A., Hill, G. J. and Stairmand, M. (1998) An open framework for collaborative distributed information management. In: Seventh International World Wide Web Conference (WWW7), 14-18 April 1998, Brisbane, Australia. pp. 624-625.

Green, D. G., Hirschowitz, A., Surridge, M., Thomas, O. and Pitman, A. (1998) Future actions to promote development and use of simulation applications for low-cost HPCN systems. Technical Report , ECS, IT Innovation Centre.

Hey, A. J. G., Scott, C. J., Surridge, M. and Upstill, C. (1998) Integrating Computation and Information Resources - an MPP Perspective. In: 3rd Working Conference on Massively Parallel Programming Models (MPPM'97), 12-14 November 1997, London, UK. pp. 174-184.

Lyulin, A. V., AlVarwani, M. S., Allen, M. P., Wilson, M. R., Neelov, I. and Allsopp, N. K. (1998) Molecular dynamics simulation of main chain liquid crystalline polymers. Macromolecules, 31 (14). pp. 4626-34.

Macey, P. C., Allsopp, N. K. and Gill, A. S. (1998) High performance computing network techniques for vibroacoustic analysis. Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, 20 (5).

Meacham, K. E., Floros, N. and Surridge, M. (1998) Industrial Stochastic Simulations on a European Meta-Computer. In: Euro-Par'98 Parallel Processing. pp. 1131-9.

Pikrakis, A., Bitsikas, T., Sfakianakis, S., Hatzopoulos, M., DeRoure, D. C., Hall, W., Reich, S., Hill, G. J. and Stairmand, M. (1998) MEMOIR - Software Agents for Finding Similar Users by Trails. In: Third International Conference and Exhibition on the Practical Application of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agents (PAAM'98), London, UK. pp. 453-466.

Pitman, A. A., Haire, S. A., Scott, C. J. and Green, D. G. (1998) Information Management and Decision Support: HPCN requirements and trends. Technical Report , ECS, IT Innovation Centre.

Pitman, A. A. and Scott, C. J. (1998) Information Management and Decision Support: Proposal of R&D and technology take-up actions. Technical Report , ECS, IT Innovation Centre.

Scielzo, G., Grillo Ruggieri, F., Schwarz, M., Rivolta, A., Brunelli, B., Surridge, M., Gill, A. and Rietbrock, C. (1998) The Monte Carlo method and parallel estimation in the drawing up of radiosurgery treatment plans. In: Radiol Med, June 1998, Torino, Italia. pp. 647-655.

Scott, C. J., Stairmand, M. A., Miller, R., Loades, S., Glowinski, A., Gerelle, E., Hale, J., Rowe, R., McManus, P., Hill, G., Halatsis, C., Hatzopolous, M., Pikrakis, A., Hall, W., DeRoure, D. and Reich, S. (1998) MEMOIR Final Report. Technical Report , ECS, IT Innovation Centre.

Upstill, C. (1998) Delivering cost-effective HPCN. In: Proceedings of RCI European Symposium XI, 4 December 1998, Bristol, UK.

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