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Beales, R. M., Middleton, S. E. and Addis, M. J. (2007) Ambient multi-camera personal documentaries. Visual Media Production, 2007. IETCVMP. 4th European Conference on . p. 1. ISSN 0537-9989

Benkner, S., Engelbrecht, G., Middleton, S. E., Brandic, I. and Schmidt, R. (2007) End-to-End QoS Support for a Medical
Grid Service Infrastructure.
Journal of New Generation Computing .

Boardman, R., Crouch, S., Mills, H., Newhouse, S. and Papay, J. (2007) Towards Grid Interoperability. In: All Hands Meeting 2007, OMII-UK Workshop, 10 September - 13 September, 2007, Nottigham, UK.

Boniface, M. J. (2007) Security Management in Grids - A new challenge? In: OGF20, 8 - 9 May, Manchester.

Boniface, M. J. (2007) Supporting Collaborative Product Design in Industry. In: Grid Computing Now! Webinar on Case Studies: IT Infrastructure for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration, 15 February 2007, London.

Boniface, M. J. and August-Thole, C. (2007) Grid-Based Collaborative Product Design: The SIMDAT Grid Solution Portfolio. In: OGF20, 8 - 9 May, Manchester.

Boniface, M. J. and Surridge, M. (2007) D.2.2.2 Public Report on Grid Interoperability Challenges. Technical Report , ECS, IT Innovation Centre.

Boniface, M., Sansome, D., Phillips, S. and Melas, P. (2007) D.2.2.2 Report on Grid infrastructure interoperability challenges. Technical Report , ECS, IT Innovation.

Boniface, M. J., Phillips, S., Sanchez-Macian Perez, A. and Surridge, M. (2007) Dynamic Service Provisioning Using GRIA SLAs. In: NFPSLA-SOC'07, 17th September 2007, Vienna.

Herenger, H., Heek, R., Kuebert, R. and Surridge, M. (2007) Operating Virtual Organizations using Bipartite Service Level Agreements. Grid Middleware and Services: Challenges and Solutions . ISSN 978-0-387-78445-8

Jacyno, M., Payne, T. R., Watkins, E. R., Taylor, S. J. and Surridge, M. (2007) Mediating Semantic Web Service Access using the Semantic Firewall. In: UK e-Science Programme All Hands Meeting 2007 (AHM2007), 10th - 13th September 2007, Nottingham, UK. (In Press)

McKee, P., Taylor, S. J., Surridge, M., Lowe, R. and Ragusa, C. (2007) Strategies for the Service Market Place. In: GECON 2007: 4th International Workshop on Grid Economics & Business Models, 27 - 28 August, Rennes, France. pp. 58-70. (In Press)

Middleton, S. E., Surridge, M., Benkner, S. and Engelbrecht, G. (2007) Quality of Service Negotiation for Commercial Medical Grid Services. Journal of Grid Computing 2007, 5 (4). pp. 429-447.

Mitchell, B. (2007) Lazy buffer semantics for partial order scenarios. Automated Software Engineering, 14 (4). pp. 419-441. ISSN 0928-8910 (Print) 1573-7535 (Online)

Radetzki, U., Boniface, M. J. and Surridge, M. (2007) Contextualized B2B Registries. Proceedings of the International Conference on Service Oriented Computing 2007 .

Radetzki, U., Boniface, M. J. and Walland, P. W. (2007) B2B Infrastructures in the Process of
Drug Discovery and Healthcare.
HealthGRID Software Demonstration 2007 .

Sinclair, P. A. S., Martinez, K., Lewis, P. H., Addis, M. J., Chapman, M. and Lowe, R. (2007) Semantic Integration of Cultural Heritage Multimedia Collections. In: MMKM Workshop: Multimedia Knowledge Management: Industry meets academia, 8 January, Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University Milton Keynes, UK.

Snelling, D. F., Anjomshoaa, A., Wray, F., Basermann, A., Fisher, M., Surridge, M. and Wieder, P. (2007) NEXTGRID ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTS. In: CoreGRID 2007.

Tao, F. (2007) Semantic Web based Collaborative Knowledge Management - A generic SOA for managing semantics driven domain knowledge. In: IT-Innovation presentation, May, 2007, Southampton.

Watkins, R., McArdle, M., Leonard, T. and Surridge, M. (2007) Cross-middleware Interoperability in Distributed Concurrent Engineering. In: International Grid Interoperability and Interoperation Workshop 2007 (IGIIW 2007) , December 10-13, 2007, Bangalore, India. pp. 561-568.

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