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Addis, M., Beales, R., Lowe, R., Middleton, L., Norlund, C. and Zlatev, Z. (2008) SUSTAINABLE ARCHIVING AND STORAGE MANAGEMENT OF AUDIOVISUAL DIGITAL ASSETS. In: 2008 Conference of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2008), September 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Addis, M., Lowe, R. and Norlund, C. (2008) A Service Oriented Approach to Online Digital Audiovisual Archives. In: 2008 NEM Summit - Towards Future Media Internet, 13-15 Oct 2008, St Malo, France.

Addis, M., Wright, R. and Miller, A. (2008) The Significance of Storage in the ‘Cost of Risk’ of Digital Preservation. In: The Fifth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES 2008), 29-30 September 2008, British Library, London, UK.

Avellino, G., Boniface, M., Cantalupo, B., Ferris, J., Matskanis, N., Mitchell, W. and Surridge, M. (2008) A Dynamic Orchestration Model for Future Internet Applications. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5377, pp. 266-274, Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-89896-2

Berti, G., Lonsdale, G., Schmidt, J. G., Benkner, S., Hose, D. R., Fenner, J. W., Jones, D. M., Middleton, S. E. and Wollny, G. (2008) GRID SIMULATION SERVICES FOR THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY. International Journal of Computational Intelligence .

Boniface, M. (2008) Cross-Domain Middlewares Interoperability for Distributed Aircraft Design Optimization. In: Fourth IEEE International Conference on eScience. pp. 485-492.

Boniface, M. and Phillips, S. (2008) D.2.3.3 Report on SIMDAT Integration Grid Infrastructure, Evaluation and Validation & D.2.3.4 Report on finalised production ready SIMDAT Integration Grid Infrastructure. Technical Report , IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton.

Boniface, M. and Phillips, S. (2008) D2.3.1 Third report on Grid-infrastructure state-of-the-art and SIMDAT Infrastructure roadmap. Technical Report , IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton.

Ferris, J., Surridge, M. and Watkins, R. (2008) Business Value Chains in Real-Time On-Line Interactive Applications. In: Grid Economics and Business Models: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5206, pp. 1-12, Springer. ISBN 9783540854845

Ferris, J., Surridge, M., Watkins, R., Fahringer, T., Prodan, R., Glinka, F., Gorlatch, S., Anthes, C., Arragon, A., Rawlings, C. and Lipaj, A. (2008) Edutain@Grid: A Business Grid Infrastructure for Real-Time On-Line Interactive Applications. In: Grid Economics and Business Models: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5206, pp. 152-162, Springer. ISBN 9783540854845

Mitchell, B. (2008) Characterizing Communication Channel Deadlocks in Sequence Diagrams. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 34 (3). pp. 305-320. ISSN 0098-5589

Seely, R. D., Samangooei, S., Middleton, L., Carter, J. and Nixon, M. (2008) The University of Southampton Multi-Biometric Tunnel and introducing a novel 3D gait dataset. In: Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems, 29th September 2008, Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Washington DC, USA.

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