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Addis, M., Lowe, R. and Middleton, L. (2009) A NEW APPROACH TO AUDIOVISUAL DIGITAL ARCHIVING. In: 63rd Broadcast Engineering Conference, April 18-23, 2009, Las Vegas, USA.

Addis, M., Lowe, R., Salvo, N. and Middleton, L. (2009) RELIABLE AUDIOVISUAL ARCHIVING USING UNRELIABLE STORAGE TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES. In: Conference of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2009), September 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Addis, M., Norlund, C., Beales, R., Lowe, R., Middleton, L. and Zlatev, Z. (2009) Sustainable Archiving and Storage Management of Audiovisual Digital Assets. In: International Broadcast Conference 2008, September 2008, Amsterdam.

Addis, M., Wright, R. and Miller, A. (2009) The Significance of Storage in the "Cost of Risk" of Digital Preservation. International Journal of Digital Curation, 4 (3). pp. 104-122.

Addis, M., Zlatev, Z., Mitchell, W. and Boniface, M. (2009) Modelling Interactive Real-time Applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures. In: 2009 NEM Summit – Towards Future Media Internet, September 28-30, 2009, St Malo, France.

Aisopos, F., Tserpes, K., Kardara, M., Panousopoulos, G., Phillips, S. and Salamouras, S. (2009) Information exchange in business collaboration using grid technologies. Identity in the Information Society , 2 (2). pp. 189-204.

Beales, R., Chakravarthy, A., Hedtke, R., Jung, C., Jung, Y., Koutsoutos, S. and Yannopoulos, A. (2009) Automated 3D Pre-Vis for Modern Production. In: International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2009, 10th-15th September, 2009, Amsterdam. (In Press)

Boniface, M. and Surridge, M. (2009) Longer Term Research Challenges in Service and Software
Architectures and Infrastructures (SSAI).
In: Expert Working Group Meeting, Input for the Work Programme 2011 – 2012, November 2009, Stockholm.

Chakravarthy, A., Beales, R., Matskanis, N. and Yang, X. (2009) OntoFilm: A Core Ontology for Film Production. In: Semantic Multimedia, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5887, pp. 177-181, Springer.

Chakravarthy, A., Beales, R. and Walland, P. (2009) ANSWER: A Semantic Approach to Film Direction. In: International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services, 2009.

Ferris, J., Surridge, M. and Glinka, F. (2009) Securing Real-Time On-Line Interactive Applications in edutain@grid. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5415, pp. 371-381, Springer.

Hausheer, D., Nikander, P., Fogliati, V., Wunstel, K., Angeles Callejo, M., Ristol Jorba, S., Spirou, S., Ladid, L., Kleinwachter, W., Stiller, B., Behrmann, M., Boniface, M., Courcoubetis, C. and Li, M. S. (2009) Future Internet Socio-Economics –
Challenges and Perspectives.
In: Towards the Future Internet - A European Research Perspective, ISBN 978-1-60750-007-0

Johnson, D., Meacham, K. E. and Kornmayer, H. (2009) A Middleware Independent Grid Workflow Builder for Scientific Applications. In: 2009 5th IEEE International Conference on e-Science Workshops, 2009, Oxford.

Kosmopoulos, D. I., Doulamis, A., Makris, A., Doulamis, N., Chatzis, S. and Middleton, S. E. (2009) Vision-Based Production of Personalized Video. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 24 . pp. 158-176.

Middleton, S. E., Surridge, M., Nasser, B. I. and Yang, X. (2009) Bipartite electronic SLA as a business framework to support cross-organization load management of real-time online applications. In: Real Time Online Interactive Applications on the Grid (ROIA 2009), Europar 2009, August 2009.

Mitchell, B. (2009) QoS Provisioning and Orchestrating Processes within an SOA. In: ifm 2009 Workshop on Formal Methods and SOA, Febuary 16-19 2009, Düsseldorf.

Mitchell, B., Zlatev, Z., Addis, M., Neple, T., Konstanteli, K., Kousiouris, G., Gogouvitis, S., Kyriazis, D., Katsaros, G., Einhorn, R., Voith, T. and Oliveros, E. (2009) D5.1.1 Models of Real-time Applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures. Technical Report , IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton.

Yang, Y., Osmond, A., Chen, X., Weal, M., Wills, G., De Roure, D., Joseph, J. and Yardley, L. (2009) Supporting the running and analysis of trials of web-based behavioural interventions: the LifeGuide. In: 5th IEEE International Conference on e-Science, 7 -9th, Dec, 2009, Oxford, UK.

Zlatev, Z., Middleton, S. E. and Veres, G. (2009) Ordinary kriging for on-demand average wind interpolation of in-situ wind sensor data. In: EWEC 2009, 16-19th March 2009, Marseilles.

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