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Addis, M. (2010) Long term data integrity for large Audiovisual archives. In: 2010 Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) at the 66th Congress of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), May 2 - 5, 2010, Oslo, Norway.

Addis, M., Boch, L., Allasia, W., Gallo, F., Bailer, W. and Wright, R. (2010) 100 Million Hours of Audiovisual Content: Digital Preservation and Access in the PrestoPRIME Project. In: First International Digital Preservation Interoperability Framework (DPIF) Symposium, April 21-23, 2010, Dresden, Germany.

Addis, M., Taylor, S., Fletcher, R., Wilson, C., Fallon, F., Alani, H., Mutschke, P. and Wandhoefer, T. (2010) New ways for policy makers to interact with citizens through open social network sites - a report on initial results. Submitted to: Internet, Politics, Policy 2010: An Impact Assessment (IPP2010), 16-17 September 2010, Oxford, UK. (Submitted)

Addis, M., Wright, R. and Weerakkody, R. (2010) DIGITAL PRESERVATION STRATEGIES FOR AV CONTENT. In: 2010 Conference of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2010), 9-14 September, 2010. (In Press)


Bacigalupo, D., Chen, X., Wills, G. and Gilbert, L. (2010) Guidance Notes for Cloud Research Users.

Boniface, M., Nasser, B., Papay, J., Phillips, S., Servin, A., Zlatev, Z., Yang, K. X., Katsaros, G., Konstanteli, K., Kousiouris, G., Menychtas, A., Kyriazis, D. and Gogouvitis, S. (2010) Platform-as-a-Service Architecture for Real-time Quality of Service Management in Clouds. Submitted to: Internet and Web Applications and Services, ICIW 2010 Fiftih International Conference, May 2010, Barcelona. (Submitted)

Boniface, M., Surridge, M., Hall-May, M., Bertram, S. and Briscombe, N. (2010) On-Demand Dynamic Security for Risk-Based Secure Collaboration in Clouds. Submitted to: IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing 2010, July 2010, Miami, USA. (Submitted)

Boniface, M., Surridge, M. and Upstill, C. (2010) Research Challenges for the Core Platform for the Future Internet. Technical Report , IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton.


Chakravarthy, A., Beales, R., Jung, Y., Wagner, S., Jung, C., Yannopoulous, A., Koutsoutos, S., Schiffmann, R., Hedtke, R. and Saenen, I. (2010) A Notation Based Approach To Film Pre-vis. In: 7th European Conference on Visual Media Production, 2010, London.

Chen, X., Wills, G., Gilbert, L. and Bacigalupo, D. (2010) Guidance Notes for Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider.

Chen, X., Wills, G., Gilbert, L. and Bacigalupo, D. (2010) Using Cloud for Research: A Technical Review.

Cucinotta, T., Checconi, F., Kousiouris, G., Kyriazis, D., Varvarigou, T., Mazzetti, A., Zlatev, Z., Papay, J., Boniface, M., Berger, S., Lamp, D., Voith, T. and Stein, M. (2010) Virtualised e-Learning with Real-Time Guarantees on the IRMOS Platform1. In: IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications SOCA 2010, December 2010, Perth, Australia.


Hall-May, M. and Surridge, M. (2010) Resilient Critical Infrastructure Management using Service Oriented Architecture. In: International Workshop On Coordination in Complex Software Intensive Systems (COCOSS), CISIS 2010 , February 2010, Krakow.

Hedtke, R., Schiffmann, R., Jung, C., Yung, Y., Chakravarthy, A., Beales, R., Loutsoutos, S. and Yannopoulos, A. (2010) Automatische 3D Visualiserung Fur Die Film - und Fernsehproduktion. Fernseh und Kino Technik, 64 (12). pp. 645-652. ISSN 0015-0142


Kousiouris, G., Checconi, F., Mazzett, A., Zlatev, Z., Papay, J., Voith, T. and Kyriazis, D. (2010) Distributed Interactive Real-time Multimedia Applications: A Sampling and Analysis Framework. In: Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-time Systems, June 2010, Brussels.

Kyriazis, D., Einhorn, R., Furst, L., Braitmaier, M., Lamp, D., Konstanteli, K., Kousiouris, G., Menychtas, A., Oliveros, E., Lochran, N. and Nasser, B. (2010) A Methodology for engineering real-time interactive multimedia applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures. In: IADIS Applied computing 2010, October 2010, Romania.

Kyriazis, D., Menychtas, A., Kousiouris, G., Oberle, K., Voith, T., Boniface, M., Oliveros, E., Cucinotta, T. and Berger, S. (2010) A Real-time Service Oriented Infrastructure. In: International Conference on Real-Time and Embedded Systems RTES 2010, November 2010, Singapore.


Middleton, S., Servin, A., Zlatev, Z., Nasser, B., Papay, J. and Boniface, M. (2010) Experiences using the UML profile for MARTE to stochastically model postproduction interactive applications. Submitted to: eChallenges 2010 Conference Proceedings, October 2010, Warsaw, Poland. (Submitted)

Middleton, L. and Snowdon, J. (2010) HISTOGRAM OF CONFIDENCES FOR PERSON DETECTION. In: ICIP 2010, September 2010, Hong Kong.

Middleton, L. and Snowdon, J. R. (2010) Histogram of Confidences for Person Detection. In: 17th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, September 26-29, 2010, Hong Kong. pp. 1841-1844.


Surridge, M., Chakravarthy, A., Bashevoy, M. and Hall-May, M. (2010) SERSCIS-Ont: A Formal Metrics Model for Adaptive Service Oriented Frameworks. In: Adaptive 2010, November 2010, Lisbon, Portugal. pp. 1-9.


Veres, G., Grabner, H., Middleton, L. and Van Gool, L. (2010) Automatic Workflow Monitoring in Industrial Environments. In: Asian Conference on computer Vision (ACCV), 10-12 Novermber, Queenstown, New Zealand. (In Press)

Veres, G., Middleton, L., Sabeur, Z., Bouchrika, I., Arbab-Zavar, B., Carter, J., Nixon, M., Grabner, H., Stalder, S., Van Gool, L., Morzinger, R., Thaler, M., Rene, S., Albert, H. and Thallinger, G. (2010) Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows. In: ACM Multimedia 2010, 25-29 October 2010, Firenze, Italy.


Zlatev, Z., Middleton, S. and Veres, G. (2010) Benchmarking Knowledge-assisted Kriging for Automated Spatial Interpolation of Wind Measurements. In: Fusion 2010, July 2010, Edinburgh.

Zlatev, Z., Middleton, S., Veres, G., Salvo, N. and Sabeur, Z. (2010) Generic Sensor Data Fusion Services forWeb-enabled Environmental Risk Management and Decision-Support Systems. In: EGU General Assembly.

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