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Davis, H. C., Douglas, Y. and Duran, D. G., eds. (2001) Hypertext 2001. Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia. ACM Press. ISBN 1-59113-420-7

Bailey, C., El-Beltagy, S. R. and Hall, W. (2001) Link Augmentation: A Context-Based Approach to Support Adaptive Hypermedia. In: Hypermedia: Openness, Structural Awareness, and Adaptivity, August 14-18, Århus, Denmark. pp. 239-251.

Bailey, C. P. (2001) Using Contextual Information with Dynamic Linkbases to Provide Adaptive Hypermedia.

Davis, H. C. and White, S. A. (2001) Linking Experiences: Issues Raised Developing Linkservices for Resource Based Learning and Teaching. In: Second IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, August 2001, Madison, USA. 0401-0405.

Davis, H. C., Carr, L. A., Cooke, E. C. and White, S. A. (2001) Managing Diversity: Experiences Teaching Programming Principles. In: The 2nd LTSN-ICS Annual Conference, 28 - 30 August 2001, London.

Davis, H. C., White, S. A. and Dickens, K. P. (2001) Focusing on the Question: an XML Testbank. In: The 8th International Conference ALT-C, Sept 2001, Edinburgh.

Khoja, S. (2001) Thematic Indexing in Video Databases. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.

Tiropanis, T. (2001) Architectural considerations for managing mobility. PhD thesis, University College London.

Tiropanis, T. (2001) Automating SLA negotiation: a policy-based approach. In: Tele Management World Conference, Nice, France.

Tiropanis, T. (2001) Using a generic policy-based infrastructure for implementing business processes. In: Tele Management World Conference, Las Vegas, USA.

Wellington, S. J., Davis, H. C. and White, S. A. (2001) Populating the Testbank: Experiences within the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Curriculum. In: The 5th International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference., June 2001, Loughborough.

Wright, V. and White, S. (2001) Technology and Language Learning. In: in Supporting Lifelong Language Learning; theoretical and practical approaches, CILT, London. ISBN 1902031458

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