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Items from Current ECS Groups > Optoelectronics Research Centre in 2008
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Ahluwalia, B. S., Helleso, O. G., Subramanian, A. and Wilkinson, J. S. (2008) High-index contrast waveguides for microparticle guidance. In: Photonics 2008, 13-17 Dec 2008, New Delhi, India.

Benayas, A., Jaque, D., Hettrick, S. J., Wilkinson, J. S. and Shepherd, D. P. (2008) Investigation of neodymium-diffused yttrium vanadate waveguides by confocal microluminescence. Journal of Applied Physics, 103 (10). p. 103104.

Chau, C. F. and Melvin, T. (2008) Fabrication of macroporous polysilicon by nanosphere lithography. JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING , 18 (6). 064012. ISSN 0960-1317

Feng, X., Flanagan, J. C., Frampton, K. E., P, P., White, N. W., Price, H. V., Loh, W. H., Rutt, H. N. and Richardson, D. J. (2008) Developing single-mode tellurite glass holey fiber for infrared nonlinear applications. Advances in Science and Technology, 55 . pp. 108-117.

Feng, X., Loh, W. H., Camerlingo, A., Dasgupta, S., Flanagan, J. C., Petropoulos, P., Frampton, K. E., White, N. M., Rutt, H. N. and Richardson, D. J. (2008) Broadband supercontinuum using single-mode/dual-mode tellurite glass holey fibers with large mode area. In: CLEO/QELS 2008, 4-9 May 2008, San Jose, CA.

Feng, X., Loh, W. H., Flanagan, J. C., Camerlilngo, A., Dasgupta, S., Petropoulos, P., Horak, P., Frampton, K., White, N. M., Price, J. H. V., Rutt, H. and Richardson, D. J. (2008) Single-Mode Tellurite Glass Holey Fiber with Extremely Large Mode Area for Infrared Nonlinear Applications. Optics Express, 16 (18). pp. 13651-13655.

Feng, X., Flanagan, J. C., Frampton, K. E., Petropoulos, P., Price, J. H. V., White, N. M., Loh, W. H., Rutt, H. N. and Richardson, D. J. (2008) Developing single-mode tellurite glass holey fiber for infrared nonlinear applications. In: CIMTEC 3rd International Conference (Smart Materials, Structures and Systems), 8-13 June 2008, Acireale, Sicily, Italy.

Friedrich, D., Please, C. and Melvin, T. (2008) Optimisation of analyte transport in integrated microfluidic affinity sensors for the quantification of low levels of analyte. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL , 131 (1). pp. 323-332. ISSN 0925-4005

Glynne-Jones, P., Zhang, F., Dong, L., Townsend, R. J., Harris, N. R., Melvin, T., Wilkinson, J. and Hill, M. (2008) An integrated multimodal acoustic particle manipulator and optical waveguide sensor. In: Acoustics 08, 29 June 2008 - 4 July 2008, Paris. pp. 6325-6330.

Hoy, P., Rutt, H., Gray, W. and Bulters, D. (2008) Optical Intraoperative Measurement of Function in the Human Brain. In: Frontiers in Optics (FiO)/Laser Science XXIV (LS) Conference 2008, 19-23 October 2008, Rochester Riverside Convention Center, USA.

Hunt, H. C. and Wilkinson, J. S. (2008) Optofluidic integration for microanalysis. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 4 (1-2). pp. 53-79.

Lahoz, F., Shepherd, D. P., Wilkinson, J. S. and Hassan, M. A. (2008) Efficient blue upconversion emission in Tm3+ - Nd3+ co-doped Ta2O5-on-silicon waveguides under infrared-laser excitation. Optics Communications, 281 (14). pp. 3691-3694.

Murugan, G. S., Brambilla, G., Wilkinson, J. S. and Richardson, D. J. (2008) Optical propulsion of individual and clustered microspheres along sub-micron optical wires. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 47 (8). pp. 6716-6718.

Panitchob, Y., Murugan, G. S., Zervas, M. N., Horak, P., Berneschi, S., Pelli, S., Nunzi Conti, G. and Wilkinson, J. S. (2008) Whispering gallery mode spectra of channel waveguide coupled microspheres. Optics Express, 16 (15). pp. 11066-11076.

Richardson, D. J., Poletti, F., Tse, M. L. V., Horak, P., Leong, J. Y. Y., He, F., Price, J. H. V., Feng, X., Rutt, H. N., Frampton, K. E., Loh, W. H., Asimakis, S. and Petropoulos, P. (2008) Recent advances in highly nonlinear microstructured optical fibers and their applications. In: Asia Optical Fiber Communication & Optoelectronic Exposition & Conference (AOE 2008), 30 Oct-2 Nov 2008, Shanghai, China.

Subramanian, A., Oton, C. J., Greef, R. and Wilkinson, J. S. (2008) Er:Ta2O5 waveguide optimization and spectroscopy. In: 14th European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO '08), 11-13 Jun 2008, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Tran, T. N., Lewin, P. L., Swaffield, D. J. and Wilkinson, J. S. (2008) Studies on the Applicability of the Pockels Technique to Measure Surface Discharge in Liquid Dielectrics. In: 16th IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids, ICDL 2008, 30 June - 3 July, 2008, Poitiers, France. pp. 218-221.

Tran, T. N., Lewin, P. L., Wilkinson, J. S., Swingler, S. G. and Coventry, P. F. (2008) Dynamic Measurement of Surface Discharge under Different Gaseous Environments and Pressures. In: IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation, 8-11 June 2008, Vancouver, BC, Canada. pp. 424-427.

Vargas-Rodriguez, E., Rutt, H., Rojas-Laguna, R. and Alvarado-Mendez, E. (2008) Calibration of a gas sensor based on cross-correlation spectroscopy. Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, 10 (104018).

Wilkinson, J. S., Murugan, G. S., Panitchob, Y. and Zervas , M. N. (2008) Microsphere Resonators: a route to enhanced functionality in planar lightwave circuits. In: Norwegian Electro-Optics Meeting 2008, 26-29 Mar 2008, Hurtigruten.

Zervas, M. N., Murugan, G. S. and Wilkinson, J. S. (2008) Demonstration of novel high-Q fibre WGM 'bottle' microresonators. In: 10th Anniversary International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON '08), 22-26 Jun 2008, Athens, Greece.

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