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Items from Old ECS Groups > Science and Engineering of Natural Systems in 2007
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Andric, M., Devedzic, V., Hall, W. and Carr, L. (2007) Keywords linking method for selecting educational web resources à la ZigZag. International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL), 3 (1). pp. 30-45. ISSN 1741-1017

Bailey, C., Hall, W., Millard, D. E. and Weal, M. J. (2007) Adaptive Hypermedia through Contextualised Open Hypermedia Structures. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 25 (4). (In Press)

Barnett, L., Di Paolo, E. and Bullock, S. (2007) Spatially embedded random networks. Physical Review E, 76 (5).

Buckley, C. L. and Bullock, S. (2007) Spatial Embedding and Complexity: The Small-World is Not Enough. In: Advances in Artificial Life: Proceedings of the Ninth European Conference on Artificial Life, pp. 986-995, Springer, Berlin.

Clark, B. and Bullock, S. (2007) Shedding light on plant competition: Modelling the influence of plant morphology on light capture (and vice versa). Journal of Theoretical Biology, 244 (2). pp. 208-217.

Cliff, D. (2007) My Family and Other Algorithms. Euromoney Algorithmic Trading Handbook 2007 . (In Press)

de Planque, M. R. R., Raussens, V., Antoranz Contera, S., Rijkers, D. T. S., Liskamp, R. M. J., Ruysschaert, J. M., Ryan, J. F., Separovic, F. and Watts, A. (2007) β-Sheet Structured β-Amyloid(1-40) Perturbs Phosphatidylcholine Model Membranes. Journal of Molecular Biology, 368 (4). pp. 982-997.

Geard, N. L. and Bullock, S. (2007) Milieu and function: toward a multilayer framework for understanding social networks. In: the Ninth European Conference on Artificial Life; Workshop: The Emergence of Social Behaviour, Lisbon, Portugal.

Geard, N. L. and Wiles, J. (2007) Directed evolution of an artificial cell lineage. In: Progress in Artificial Life, Third Australian Conference, ACAL 2007, Proceedings, pp. 144-155, Springer-Verlag. ISBN 978-3-540-76930-9

Jacyno, M., Payne, T. R., Watkins, E. R., Taylor, S. J. and Surridge, M. (2007) Mediating Semantic Web Service Access using the Semantic Firewall. In: UK e-Science Programme All Hands Meeting 2007 (AHM2007), 10th - 13th September 2007, Nottingham, UK. (In Press)

Jacyno, M., Bullock, S., Luck, M. and Payne, T. (2007) Understanding decentralised control of resource allocation in a minimal multi-agent system. In: the 6th International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems, 2007, Hawaii, USA.

Ladley, D. and Bullock, S. (2007) The effects of market structure on a heterogeneous evolving population of traders. In: Emergent Intelligence of Networked Agents, pp. 83-97, Springer, Berlin.

Ladley, D. and Bullock, S. (2007) Integrating Segregated Markets. International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications, 3 (1).

Lohaus, R., Geard, N. L., Wiles, J. and Azevedo, R. B. R. (2007) A generative bias towards average complexity in artificial cell lineages. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, 274 (1619). pp. 1741-1750.

Maneewatthana, T., Wills, G. and Hall, W. (2007) Adaptive Personal Information Environment based on the Semantic Web. Journal of Digital Information, 8 (3). pp. 64-74. ISSN 1368-7506

Mills, R. and Watson, R. A. (2007) Symbiosis, Synergy and Modularity: Introducing the Reciprocal Synergy Symbiosis Algorithm. Proceedings of 9th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL 2007) . pp. 1192-1201. ISSN 0302-9743

Mills, R. and Watson, R. A. (2007) Variable Discrimination of Crossover Versus Mutation Using Parameterized Modular Structure. Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2007) . pp. 1312-1319.

Powers, S. T., Penn, A. S. and Watson, R. A. (2007) Individual Selection for Cooperative Group Formation. In: Advances in Artificial Life: Proceedings of the Ninth European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL 2007), pp. 585-594, Springer . ISBN 978-3-540-74912-7

Powers, S. T. and Watson, R. A. (2007) Investigating the Evolution of Cooperative Behaviour in a Minimally Spatial Model. In: Advances in Artificial Life : Proceedings of the Ninth European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL 2007), pp. 605-614, Springer . ISBN 978-3-540-74912-7

Powers, S. T. and Watson, R. A. (2007) Preliminary Investigations into the Evolution of Cooperative Strategies in a Minimally Spatial Model. In: Proceedings of the 9th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation (GECCO 2007), 07/07/07 - 11/07/07, London. p. 343.

Ramanujan, C. S., Sumitomo, K., de Planque, M. R. R., Hibino, H., Torimitsu, K. and Ryan, J. F. (2007) Self-assembly of vesicle nanoarrays on Si: A potential route to high-density functional protein arrays. Applied Physics Letters, 90 (3). 033901.

Sah, M. and Hall, W. (2007) Building and Managing Personalized Semantic Portals. In: 16th International World Wide Web Conference, May 8-12, 2007, Banff, Alberta, Canada. (In Press)

Sah, M., Hall, W., Gibbins, N. M. and De Roure, D. C. (2007) SEMPort – A Personalized Semantic Portal. In: 18th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, 10-12 September 2007, Manchester, United Kingdom. pp. 31-32. (In Press)

Tan, G. J. S., Revilla, F. D. and Zauner, K. P. (2007) Protein folding and the robustness of cells. BioSystems, 87 . pp. 289-298.

Toledo, N. C., de Planque, M. R. R., Antoranz Contera, S., Grobert, N. and Ryan, J. F. (2007) Lipid-modulated assembly of magnetized iron-filled carbon nanotubes in millimeter-scale structures. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 46 (4B). pp. 2799-2805.

Tsuda, S., Zauner, K. P. and Gunji, Y. P. (2007) Real-time Requirements and Restricted Resources: The Role of the Computing Substrate in Robots. In: International Conference on Morphological Computation, March 26–28, European Center of Living Technology (ECLT), Venice Italy. pp. 33-35.

Tsuda, S., Zauner, K. P. and Gunji, Y. P. (2007) Robot control with biological cells. BioSystems, 87 . pp. 215-223.

Vytelingum, P., Cliff, D. and Jennings, N. R. (2007) Analysing buyers' and sellers' strategic interactions in marketplaces: an evolutionary game theoretic approach. In: 9th International Workshop on Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce., Hawaii, USA.. pp. 141-154.

Watson, J., Wakabayashi, M., Moore, J., Montoya, A. S., Willadsen, K., Geard, N., Bradley, D. and Wiles, J. (2007) Computational techniques for modeling complex biological systems. In: The 8th Asia-Pacific Complex Systems Conference (Complex'07), July, 2007, Gold Coast, Australia.

Watson, R. A. and Jansen, T. (2007) A Building-Block Royal Road Where Crossover is Provably Essential. Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2007) . pp. 1452-1459.

Williams, H. and Noble, J. (2007) Homeostatic plasticity improves signal propagation in continuous time recurrent neural networks. Biosystems, 87 (2-3). pp. 252-259.

Zhou, J., Hall, W., De Roure, D. and Dialani, V. (2007) Supporting Ad Hoc Resource Sharing on the Web: A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Hypermedia Link Services. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 7 (2). ISSN 1533-5399

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