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Allerton, D. J. and Zaluska, E. J. (1990) Design of a Microprocessor-based Flight Trainer. In: UKSC Conference on Computer Simulation (Brighton, UK). pp. 154-9.

Allerton, D. J., Zaluska, E. J. and Elshaw, G. C. (1990) Applications of a low cost flight trainer in the RAF. In: Royal Aeronautical Society Conference on Park-Task Training (London). pp. 801-813.

AMuah, J., McKenzie, S., Shadbolt, N. R. and Morgan, C. (1990) Task Driven Specification of a Knowledge Acquisition Tool for Medical Diagnosis (KAT-MED). In: IEE Colloquium on AI in Medical Decision Making.

Burton, A. M., Shadbolt, N. R., Rugg, G. and Hedgecock, A. P. (1990) The Efficacy of Knowledge Eclicitation Techniques: A Comparison Across Domains and Levels of Expertise. Journal of Knowledge Acquisition, 2 . pp. 167-178.

Evemy, J. D., Allerton, D. J. and Zaluska, E. J. (1990) A stream processing architecture for real-time implementation of perspective spatial transformations. Proc. IEE - Part I, 137 . pp. 123-8.

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Glaser, H. (1990) Implementing Functional Languages on the Transputer. In: Research Journal. pp. 49-52.

Glaser, H., Cox, S. M. and Reeve, M. J. (1990) Implementing Functional Languages on the Transputer. In: Proc. Workshop on Functional Programming. pp. 287-295.

Glaser, H., Hartel, P. H. and Wild, J. M. (1990) A pragmatic approach to the analysis and compilation of lazy functional languages. In: Proc. 2nd Int. Conf. Parallel and distributed processing. pp. 169-184.

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Hall, W., Hutchings, G., Carr, L., Thorogood, P. and Sprunt, B. (1990) Interqctive Learning and Biology: A Hypermedia Application. In: NATO Workshop on Advanced Technologies in the Teaching of Mathematics and Science, Milton Keynes, England.

Hall, W. and Carr, L. A. (1990) Using Hypercard and Interactive Video in Education: An Application in Cell Biology. BCS Computer Bulletin .

Hall, W., Carr, L. A. and Rahtz, S. (1990) Creating multimedia documents: hypertext processing. BCS Computer Bulletin .

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Harnad, S. (1990) Against Computational Hermeneutics. Social Epistemology, 4 . pp. 167-172.

Harnad, S. (1990) Are Species Intelligent? Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 13 (1). p. 94.

Harnad, S. (1990) Lost in the hermeneutic hall of mirrors. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 2 . 321 - 327..

Harnad, S. (1990) Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry. Psychological Science, 1 . 342 - 343.

Harnad, S. (1990) The Symbol Grounding Problem. Physica D, 42 . pp. 335-46.

Harnad, S. (1990) The Symbol Grounding Problem. Physica D, 42 . pp. 335-346.

Harnad, S. (1990) Symbols and Nets: Cooperation vs. Competition. Connection Science, 2 . pp. 455-456.

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Reichgelt, H. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) A Specification Tool for Planning Systems. In: Proceedings of ECAI 90.

Reichgelt, H. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) TESTing Planning Systems. pp. 1-7.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) Artificial Intelligence in Psychology: Interdisciplinary Essays. The Psychologist, 3 (8). p. 356.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) Final Report of the 9th Workshop of The UK Planning Special Interest Group.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) Hypermedia for knowledge engineering. IEE Colloqium on Hypertext . 8/1-8/3.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) Knowledge-Based Knowledge Acquisition. In: IEE Colloquium on Knowledge Engineering.

Shadbolt, N. R. and Burton, A. M. (1990) Experiments in Knowledge Elicitation. In: Readings in Knowledge Acqusition: Current Practices and Trends.

Shadbolt, N. R. and Burton, A. M. (1990) Knowledge Elicitation. In: Evaluation of Human Work: Practical Ergonomics Methodology.

Shadbolt, N. R. and Stobart, R. K. (1990) Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge Based Process Control. In: Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on industrial and Engineering Applcications of AI and Expert Systems.

Shadbolt, N. R. and Wielinga, B. (1990) Knowledge Based Knowledge Acquisition: The Next Generation of Support Tools. In: Proceedings of 4th Euorpean Knowledge Acquisition Workshop.

Stobart, R. K. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1990) Process Control Supervision Using Qualitative Models. In: Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on industrial and Engineering Applcications of AI and Expert Systems.

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