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All items from 1976
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Aslam, A., Jones, R., Omerod, D. R. and Steele, R. (1976) Error Rate in a Digital Simplex Telemetry System. I.E.R.E, 46 (10). pp. 497-504.

Azcarraga, J. A. D. and Hey, A. J. G. (1976) The Necessity for a Melosh Tranformation. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Burkhardt, H. and Hey, A. J. G. (1976) Lost Mesons, Melosh and the Quark Model. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Damper, R. I. (1976) Lateralisation of binaural images in a computer-controlled experiment. British Journal of Audiology, 10 . pp. 21-30.

Damper, R. I. (1976) Tracking of complex binaural images. Audiology, 15 . pp. 135-149.


Garratt, P. W. (1976) Fortified Churches of the Dordogne. Journal of the Society of Ancients .

Garratt, P. W. (1976) Inside the Dordogne. Journal of the Society of Ancients .

Garratt, P. W. (1976) A Local Government Packet Switched Network. NordRhein WestPhalia Landesamt.

Garratt, P. W. (1976) The X25 Network Access Protocol. International Systems .


Harnad, S. (1976) Commentary on Jonas & Jonas: Gender Differences in Mental Function. Current Anthropology, 17 . 327 - 328.

Harnad, S. (1976) Commentary on Paredes & Hepburn: The Split-Brain and the Culture-Cognition Paradox. Current Anthropology, 17 . 320 -322.

Harnad, S. (1976) Induction, evolution and accountability. In: 58 - 60, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Henderson, P. and Morris, J. H. (1976) A lazy evaluator. In: Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. Principles of programming languages (POPL). pp. 95-103.

Hey, A. J. G. (1976) Meson Spectroscopy and Quark Models.

Hey, A. J. G. (1976) The Status of SU(6)w.

Hey, A. J. G. and Kabir, P. K. (1976) Spin Tests for Intermediate States in Radiative Chi (3684) Decay Chains. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Houston, P. A. and Evans, A. G. R. (1976) Saturation velocity of electrons in GaAs.

Hughes, J. F. and Bright, A. W. (1976) Electrostatic Hazards Associated with Powder Handling in Silo Installations. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 13-6.


Litchfield, P. J., Cashmore, R. J. and Hey, A. J. G. (1976) SU(6)w and Decays of Baryon Resonances - an update.


Reeve, J. S. and Betts, D. D. (1976) The Magnetically Dilute XY Ferronmagnet II. The Annealed Site Case. J. Physics, C9 (2575).


Steele, R. and Goodman, D. J. (1976) Detection and Selective Smoothing of Transmission Errors in Linear PMC. In: National Telecommunications Conference.

Steele, R. and Xydeas, C. S. (1976) Pitch Sysnchronous Encoding Methods for Speech Signals. In: IEEE Internationa Symposium on Information Theory.

Steklis, H. D. and Harnad, S. (1976) From hand to mouth: Some critical stages in the evolution of
In: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, pp. 445-455, New York Academy of Sciences.


Xydeas, C. S. and Steele, R. (1976) Pitch Synchronous Differential Predictive Encoding System. Electronics Letters, 12 (15). pp. 376-378.

Xydeas, C. S. and Steele, R. (1976) Pitch Sysnchronous 1st Order Linear DPCM System. Electronic Letters . pp. 93-95.

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