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All items from 1977
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Barnes, K. J., Ketley, I. J., Nicole, D. A. and O'Donnell, P. J. (1977) Nonlinear Chiral Models and Many-Dimensional Solutions.

Fenwick, D. M. and Steele, R. (1977) Predictable Sample Error Detector and a Planar Prediction Corrector for Removal of Isolated Transmission Error in Walsh-hadamard Transformed Pictures. Electronics Letters, 13 (1). pp. 8-10.

Henderson, P. (1977) An approach to compile time type checking. Information Processing 77, 1 . pp. 523-527.

Lamba, T. S., Faruqui, M. N. and Steele, R. (1977) Two-llop Ternary Adaptive Delta Modulation. Electronic Letters, 13 (12). pp. 337-338.

Nicole, D. A. (1977) Soliton Solutions to Chiral SU(3)xSU(3) Models.

Reeve, J. S., Betts, D. D. and Rogiers, J. (1977) The Magnetically Dilute XY Ferromagnet III. Two Dimensional Lattices. J. Physics, C10 (1941).

Rutt, H. N. (1977) The Selective multiphoton dissociation of sulphur hexafluoride. Journal of Physics D, 10 . pp. 869-877.

Rutt, H. N. and Butcher, J. M. (1977) Cyanide deposits in CO2 TEA lasers using amine additives. Journal Of Physics E, 10 . p. 844.

Sakane, F. T. and Steele, R. (1977) Estimation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio in High Informtion and Constant Factor Delta Modulation Systems. IEEE Trans Com Tech, COM-25 (12). pp. 1441-1448.

Steele, R. (1977) Chip Delta Modulators Revive Designers Interests. Electronics . pp. 86-93.

Steele, R., Esdale, D. J. and Goodman, D. J. (1977) Partial Correction of Transmission Errors in DPCM without Recourse to Error Correction Coding. Electronic Letters, 13 (12). pp. 351-353.

Steele, R. and Goodman, D. J. (1977) Detection and Selective Smooting of Transmission Errors in Linear PCM. Bell System Technical Journal, 56 (3). pp. 339-409.

Zakrzewski, K. and Sykulski, J. K. (1977) Electromagnetic Field of Parallel Conductors with One Sided Solid Iron Shield. Rozprawy Elektrotechniczne, Journal of the Polish Academy of Science, 23 (1). pp. 59-72. ISSN 0867-6747

Zakrzewski, K. and Sykulski, J. K. (1977) Image Reflection of Alternating Currents in One Sided Conducting Shield Using Vector Potential Method. Rozprawy Elektrotechniczne, Journal of the Polish Academy of Science, 23 (1). pp. 73-92. ISSN 0867-6747

Conference or Workshop Item

Azcarraga, J. A. D. and Hey, A. J. G. (1977) The Melosh Transformation and Electromagnetic Form Factor Predictions. In: Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics 3, 743.

Babcock, J., Rosner, J. L., Cashmore, R. J. and Hey, A. J. G. (1977) Single Quark Transition Analysis of Baryon Resonance Photocouplings. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bowler, K. C. and Hey, A. J. G. (1977) "The Roper Resonance - A Problem for the MIT Bag?", Physics Letters 69B. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Fenwick, D. M., Steele, R. and Vasanji, N. (1977) Error Detection and Correction of DPCM Signals using a Walsh Hadamard Transform Technique. In: Conference on Digital Processing of Signals in Communications. pp. 225-268.

Henderson, P. (1977) Structured Program Testing. In: Current Trends in Programming Methodology. pp. 1-15.

Hughes, J. F. and Roberts, J. M. C. (1977) Electrostatic Charge Quenching in Pressure-Packed Aerosol Products. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hughes, J. F. and Ting, Y. (1977) Surface Disruption Phenomena in Electrostatically Deposited Powder Layers. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 906-9.

Nunn, D. (1977) RAE Technical Report TR78077 (Secret) 62. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nunn, D. (1977) Technical Report, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough TR77151 (Confidential). In: UNSPECIFIED. p. 50.

Steele, R., Goodman, D. J. and McGonegal, C. A. (1977) Suppression of Transmission Errors in DPCM Coded Speech. In: 94th Acoustical Society of America. p. 564.

Wong, W. C., Steele, R. and Goodman, D. J. (1977) Hardware for Detection and Partial Correction of PCM Transmission Errors. In: Conference on Digital Processing of Signals in Communications. pp. 409-422.


Harnad, S., Doty, R. W., Goldstein, L., Jaynes, J. and Krauthamer, G., eds. (1977) Lateralization in the nervous system. Academic Press. ISBN 0-12-325750-6

Book Section

Goldstein, L. and Harnad, S. (1977) Quantitated EEG correlates of normal and abnormal interhemispheric relations. In: Karger.

Harnad, S. and Doty, R. W. (1977) Introductory Overview. In: Academic Press.

Technical Report

Garratt, P. W. (1977) A Computerised Totaliser System. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, General Automation.

Garratt, P. W. (1977) The role of the Front End Processor. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Olivetti Research and Development.

Hartel, P. H. (1977) MUST -- Een macro vertaler. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Stichting Academisch Rekencentrum Amsterdam.


Crowder, R. M. (1977) Static four quadrant control of the three phase induction motor. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hall, W. (1977) Automorphisms and coverings of Klein surfaces. PhD thesis, University of Southampton.


Ashburn, P., Bull, C. J., Nicholas, K. H. and Booker, G. R. (1977) Effects of dislocations in silicon transistors with implanted bases.

Hey, A. J. G. (1977) Current and Constituent Quarks: Theory and Practice.

Houston, P. A. and Evans, A. G. R. (1977) Electron drift velocity in n-GaAs at high electric fields.

S, G. V., E, H. and G, H. A. J. (1977) Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Message-Passing Performance of Parallel Computers.

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