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All items from 1979
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Ashburn, P. (1979) Current-voltage characteristics of emitter/collector pipes in bipolar transistors.

Ashburn, P. and Bull, C. J. (1979) Observations of dislocations and junction irregularities in bipolar transistors using the EBIC mode of the SEM.

Ashburn, P., Bull, C. J. and Beale, J. R. A. (1979) The use of the electron beam induced current mode of the SEM for observing emitter/collector pipes.

Bull, C. J., Ashburn, P., Booker, G. R. and Nicholas, K. H. (1979) Effects of dislocations in silicon transistors with implanted emitters.

Crowder, R. and Smith, G. (1979) Induction motors for crane applications. IEE Journal of Electric Power Applications, 2 (6). pp. 194-198.

Evci, C. C., Steele, R. and Xydeas, C. S. (1979) Sequential Gradient Estimation predictor for Speech Signals. In: Proceedings if ICASSP'79. pp. 723-726.

Garratt, P. W. (1979) A Simulated Operating System for Educational Purposes. Computer Bulletin, Series (22). pp. 10-14.

Gharavi, H. and Steele, R. (1979) Non-Integer Sampling to Sub-Carrier Frequency Ratios in DPCM of PAL Signals. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 483-484.

Harnad, S. (1979) Creative disagreement. The Sciences, 19 . 18 - 20.

Henderson, P. (1979) Program Parts and their Relationship. In: Proc. State of the Art Conf. on Long Life Software. 4/1-4/14.

Henderson, P., Gimson, R. G., Snowdon, R. A. and Pratten, G. D. (1979) The maintenance of software with multiple versions. In: Structured Software Development -- State of the Art Report. pp. 100-115.

Hey, A. J. G. (1979) Light Quark Spectroscopy.

Hey, A. J. G. (1979) Particle Systematics.

Hey, A. J. G., Holstein, B. R. and Sidhu, D. P. (1979) Radiative Transitions in the MIT Bag. In: Annuals of Physics (New York) 17.

Hey, A. J. G. and Mandula, J. E. (1979) Charge Confinement by Classical Instabilities. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hughes, J. F. (1979) Electrostatic Hazards Associated with Fuelling of Ships and Aircraft. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hughes, J. F. (1979) Electrostatics Research at Southampton University. In: UNSPECIFIED. p. 16.

Hughes, J. F., Au, A. and Blyhte, A. R. (1979) Electrical Charging and Discharging between Films and Metal Rollers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hughes, J. F., Au, A. M. K. and Blythe, A. R. (1979) The Electrostatic Behaviour of Insulating Films Moving over Grounded Metal Rollers. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 106-8.

Hughes, J. F. and Bright, A. W. (1979) Electrostatic Charge Control on Hyperbaric Chambers. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 192-5.

Hughes, J. F. and Bright, A. W. (1979) Electrostatic Hazards and Diagnostic Techniques Associated with Powder Handling in Large Silos. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 1A-15 (1). pp. 100-4.

Hughes, J. F. and Roberts, J. M. C. (1979) Elimination of Electrostatic Charging in Punctured Aerosol Cans. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 1A-15 (1). pp. 104-9.

Hughes, J. F., Singh, S. and Bright, A. W. (1979) Discharges in Electrostatically Deposited Films. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ismail, N. G. B. and Steele, R. (1979) Adaptive Pel Location Coding for Bi-Level Facsimile Signals. In: Int. Picture Coding Conf. 4.3.

J, P. D. (1979) The Gribov-Lipatov Relationship in QCD. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ngan, K. N. and Steele, R. (1979) Adaptive Partial Correction Scheme for PCM Encoding Monochrome Pictures. In: Int. Picture Coding Conf. 13.3.

Nunn, D. (1979) A Comparitive Study of Future Sonobuoys for Use in Timespan 1990+. RAE Technical Report (Secret) 1979. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nunn, D. (1979) A Comparitive Study of the Performance of Sonobuoys Arrarys Against 2nd Generation Targets in Deep Water. RAE Technical Memo (Secret). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nunn, D. (1979) The Effect of Sensor Data Hard Clipping on the Conventional and Adaptive Processing of Array Data, Proc of AAASP Symposium. In: UNSPECIFIED. p. 14.

Nunn, D. (1979) Nonlinear Wave Particle Interaction Theory Applied to Siple Triggered VLF Emissions, Astrophysics and Space Science Library, Proc of the Symposium on Wave Instabilities in Space Plasmas (URSI). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rutt, H. N. (1979) Crystal quartz as an infrared dichroic laser mirror. Journal Of Physics E, Scientific Instruments, 12 . pp. 254-255.

Rutt, H. N. (1979) A high energy hydrogen bromide laser. Journal Of Physics D, Applied Physics, 12 . pp. 345-353.

Steele, R., Goodman, D. and McGonegal, C. A. (1979) A Difference Detection and Correction Scheme for Combating DPCM Transmission Errors. IEEE Transactions on Communications, COM-27 (1). pp. 252-255.

Steele, R., Goodman, D. and McGonegal, C. A. (1979) DPCM with Forced Updating and Partial Correction of Transmission Errors. BSTJ, 58 (3). pp. 721-728.

Steele, R., Jayant, N. S. and Schmidt, C. E. (1979) Statistical Block Protection Coding for DPCM-Encoded Speech. BSTJ, 58 (7). pp. 1647-1657.

Stewart, R. D. and Kasim, T. A. (1979) Intermodulation distortion in in UHF transistors. Circuit Theory and Applications, 27 .

Sykulski, J. K. (1979) Electromagnetic Field due to A.C. Flowing Through Finite Length Conductors in the Presence of Semi Infinite Solid Shield. Rozprawy Elektrotechniczne, Journal of the Polish Academy of Science, 25 (1). pp. 3-34. ISSN 0867-6747

Wong, W. C. and Steele, R. (1979) Adaptive Coding of Discrete Cosine Transform Video Telephone Pictures. In: Int. Picture Coding Conf. 12.3.

Wong, W. C., Steele, R. and Goodman, D. J. (1979) Hardware for Detection and Partial Correction of PCM Transmission Errors. IEEE Transactions on Communications, COM-27 (9). pp. 1310-1315.

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