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All items from 1984
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Allerton, D. J., Batt, D. A., Currie, A. J. and Nichols, K. G. (1984) Functional Simulation as an Adjunct to Silicon Compilation. In: Proc. IEE Conf. on Computer Aided Engineering. pp. 36-41.

Allerton, D. J. and Currie, A. J. (1984) SCHOLAR - Another Approach to Silicon Compilation. In: Proc. International Conf. ICCAD-84. pp. 119-121.

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Harnad, S. (1984) Verifying machines' minds. Contemporary Psychology, 29 . 389 - 391.

Harnad, S. (1984) What are the scope and limits of radical behaviorist theory? Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 7 . pp. 720-721.

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Hughes, J. F. (1984) Powder Charging- An Alternative Approach. Finishing .

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Xydeas, C. S., Kostic, B. and Steele, R. (1984) Embedding data into pictures by modulo masking. IEEE Transactionsl on Communications, 32 (1). pp. 56-69.

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