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Aldridge, R. P., Steele, R. and El-Dolil, S. A. (1988) Strategies for Combatting Base Station Failure in Highway Microcellular Clusters. Electronics Letters, 24 (21). pp. 1339-1340.

Allerton, D. J., Evemy, J. D. and Zaluska, E. J. (1988) Video-rate, spatially variant filtering technique using stream processing architecture. Electronics Letters, 24 . pp. 1580-1.

Andres, M. V., Foulds, K. W. H. and Tudor, M. J. (1988) A novel frequency out optical fibre sensing technique. IEEE J Lightwave Technology, 6 (10).

Andres, M. V., Foulds, K. W. H. and Tudor, M. J. (1988) Sensitivity of a frequency out silicon pressure sensor. Sensors and Actuators, 15 .

Anido, M. L., Allerton, D. J. and Zaluska, E. J. (1988) The Architecture of RIG: A RISC for Image Generation in a Mulit-Microprocessor Environment. Microprocessing and Microprogramming, 24 . pp. 581-8.

Askew, C. R., Carpenter, D. B., Chalker, J. T., Hey, A. J. G., Moore, M., Nicole, D. A. and Pritchard, D. J. (1988) Monte Carlo Simulation on Transputer Arrays.

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Chen, S. and Billings, S. A. (1988) Recursive maximum likelihood identification of a non-linear output-affine model. International Journal of Control, 48 . pp. 1605-1629.

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Evans, A. and Hall, W. (1988) Gender Inequality and Computer Education. NUT Education Review, 1 (3). pp. 45-51.

Garratt, P. W. (1988) Simulating a Software Engineering Project. Advances in Modelling and Simulation, 11 (2). pp. 11-18.

Garratt, P. W. and Edmunds, G. (1988) Teaching Software Engineering at University. Information and Software Technology, 30 (1). pp. 5-11. ISSN ISSN 09505849

Hall, W. and Lovegrove, G. (1988) Women and AI. AI and Society, 2 (3).

Hall, W. and Stavely-Taylor, B. (1988) An IKBS to Support the Leanring of Ada as a Second Programming Language. Journal of Pascal, Ada and Modula-2, 7 .

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Layman, J. and Hall, W. (1988) LOGO: A Cause for Concern. Computers and Education, 12 (1). pp. 107-112.

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Mitchell, B. (1988) Inductive completion with retracts. Acta Informatica, 25 (5). pp. 497-514. ISSN 0001-5903 (Print) 1432-0525 (Online)

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Shadbolt, N. R. (1988) Techniques of Temporal Representation.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1988) Tempus Fugit I: Representing Time and Change.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Andres, M. V., Foulds, K. W. H. and Tudor, M. J. (1988) A novel frequency out optical fibre sensing technique. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Askew, C. R. and Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Monte Carlo Simulation on Transputer Arrays. In: Parallel Computing 6, 247.

Bennet, M. A. and Steele, R. (1988) A Hand-off Algorithm for Cellular Radio Based on Reed Solomon Coding. In: IEE Colloquium on Mobile Radio Networks. 6/1-6/7.

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Bowles, R. L., Damper, R. I. and Lucas, S. M. (1988) Combining evidence from separate speech recognition processes. In: Proceedings of 7th FASE Symposium, Speech'88. pp. 669-674.

Buckley, T., Garratt, P. W. and Gough, T. G. (1988) A Case Study of Systems Integrity for Alcohol Taxation. In: 3rd annual conference on Computer Assurance (COMPASS). pp. 119-128.

Burton, A. M., Shadbolt, N. R., Rugg, G. and Hedgecock, A. P. (1988) Knowledge Elicitation Techniques in Classificatory Domains. In: Proceedings of 8th Euorpean Conference on AI. pp. 85-93.

Burton, M. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1988) Some Experiements in Knowledge Elicitation. In: Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour Quarterley. pp. 11-12.

Cox, S., Glaser, H. and Reeve, M. (1988) Compiling functional languages. In: Proc. Int. Workshop on Implementation of functional languages. pp. 145-156.

Crowder, R. M. (1988) The application and control of brushless d.c. motors in high power robotic joints. In: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on power electronics and varible speed drives. pp. 253-256.

Damper, R. I. (1988) Practical experiences with speech data entry. In: Contemporary Ergonomics 1988. pp. 92-97.

El-Dolil, S. A., Wong, W. C. and Steele, R. (1988) Teletraffic Modelling and Performance of Highway Microcells. In: Proceedings of ICCS'88. pp. 49-53.

Fortune, P. M., Hanzo, L. and Steele, R. (1988) Transmission of SBC Speech via 16-Level QAM. In: Globecom'88, 28 November - 1 December 1988, Hollywood, Flordia, USA. 26.6.1-26.6.5.

Garratt, P. W. (1988) Simulating a project environment for software tool. In: Research Journal. pp. 135-137.

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Hall, W. (1988) Multimedia Databases: the Video Book. In: Proceedings of the Computers and Teaching in the Humanities Conference (CATH'88), Southampton.

Hall, W. (1988) The Use of Interactive Video in Undergraduate Teaching. In: Aspects of Educational Technology XX!, Proceedings of the XXIst AETT Conference, Southampton, April 1988. pp. 158-163.

Hanzo, L., Steele, R. and Fortune, P. M. (1988) An Embedded Reed-Solomon Coding and QAM Scheme for Subband Coded Speech Transmission via Rayleigh-Fading Channels. In: Proceedings of IEE Colloquium, 19 December 1988, Savoy Place, London, UK. 9/1-9/7.

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Hashimoto, K., Chia, S. T. S. and Steele, R. (1988) Utilization of Polarisation Diversity and Antenna Directivity to Combat Co-channel Interference for Indoor Cordless Telephony. In: IEE Colloquium on Propagation Factors and Interference Modelling for Mobile Radio Systems. 7/1-7/6.

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Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Reconfigurable Transputere Networks - Practical Concurrent Computation. In: Philosophical Transcations of the Royal Society, London, A326.

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J, P. D., M, B. J. and R, A. S. (1988) A Practical Method for Distributing Concurrent Ada Programs in Software Practice and Experience. In: UNSPECIFIED.

J, P. D., R, A. C., Carpenter, , T, C. J., J, D. G., G, H. A. J., M, M., A, N. D. and M, T. (1988) Monte Carlo Simulation on Transputer Arrays in Parallel Computing. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Nunn, D. (1988) A Novel Robust Broadband Frequency Domain LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Beamforming, Proc Institute of Acoustics Conference, Loughborough on Digital Signal Processing in Sonar Systems. In: UNSPECIFIED. pp. 206-213.

Pont, M. J. and Damper, R. I. (1988) A neural model of infant speech perception. In: Proceedings of 7th FASE Symposium, Speech'88. pp. 515-522.

Redman-White, W., Dunn, T. R., Lucas, D. R. and Winchcombe, S. A. (1988) A radiation hard frequency reference IC. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Reeve, J. S. (1988) A General Communications Harness for Transputer Nets. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1988) Knowledge Elicitation- Key to Successful ES. In: Expert System User.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1988) Models and Methods in Cognitive Science. In: Understanding Cognitive Science.

Shadbolt, N. R. (1988) Report of the 8th Workshop of the Planning Special Interest Group. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Shadbolt, N. R., Reichgelt, H. and Musson, C. (1988) Architectures for Individual Agents in Multiple Agent Planning Systems. In: Papers of the Alvey Workshop on Multiple Agent Systems.

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Stewart, R. D. and Tusubira, F. F. (1988) Predistortion linearisation of amplifiers for UHF mobile radio. In: 18th European Microwave Conf.

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Thomas, K. S. (1988) Some Experiences of Teaching Ada Tasking. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wong, K. H., Hanzo, L. and Steele, R. (1988) A Subband Codec with Embedded Reed-Solomon Coding for Mobile Radio Speech Communication. In: Proceedings of ICCS'88, 31 October - 3 November 1988, Singapore. pp. 709-713.


Catania, A. C. and Harnad, S., eds. (1988) The Selection of Behavior. The Operant Behaviorism of BF Skinner: Comments and Consequences. Cambridge University Press.

Book Section

Cohen, D., Mannion, C. L. T. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1988) Towards a Transformational Theory of Feedforward Neural
In: Abstracts of the 1st Meeting of the International Neural Network Society, UNSPECIFIED.

Crowder, R. M. (1988) Sensors - Touch, torque and force. In: pp. 1544-63, John Wiley. ISBN 0 471 87868 5

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Technical Report

Carr, L. A. (1988) HyperCard Extensions for Multimedia Databases. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, University of Southampton.

Edmunds, G. (1988) Pilot Study on Automatic Grading Exercises. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, UGC Computers in Teaching Initiative.

Hartel, P. H. and Vree, W. G. (1988) Parallel graph reduction for divide-and-conquer applications -- Part II: program performance. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Comp. Sys, Univ. of Amsterdam.

Nitsche, U. (1988) Erreichbarkeitsgraphen von Produktnetzen und ihre Auswertung in PROLOG. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, GMD.

Vree, W. G. and Hartel, P. H. (1988) Parallel graph reduction for divide-and-conquer applications -- Part I: program transformation. Technical Report , UNSPECIFIED, Dept. of Comp. Sys, Univ. of Amsterdam.


Hartel, P. H. (1988) Performance analysis of storage management in combinator graph reduction. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Allerton, D. J., Enemy, J. D. and Waluska, E. J. (1988) Video-Rate, Spatially Variant Filtering Technique Using Stream Processing Architecture.

Altrip, J. L., Evans, A. G. R., Hart, M. J., Amaratunga, G. A. J. and Kijek, M. (1988) Diffusion and activation studies of rapid thermally annealed arsenic implanted silicon.

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Carter, J. C., Blackburn, A. and Evans, A. G. R. (1988) Evaluation of damage to MOS devices fabricated on dry etched substrates.

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French, P. J. and Evans, A. G. R. (1988) Peizoresistance in single crystal and polycrystalline silicon.

French, P. J. and Evans, A. G. R. (1988) Polysilicon strain sensors using shear piezoresistance.

Hart, M. J. and Evans, A. G. R. (1988) Rapid thermal processing in semiconductor technology.

Hey, A. J. G. (1988) Transputers, Occam and Computational Physics.

Lloyd, E. K. and Nicole, D. A. (1988) Eurerian Cycles and Switching Networks For Transputer Links.

Nanu, L. and Evans, A. G. R. (1988) Model for Phosphorus diffusion in silicon during rapid thermal annealing.

Nicole, D. A. (1988) Esprit Project 1085 Reconfigurable Transputer Processor Architecture.

Nicole, D. A. (1988) The Esprit Reconfigurable Transputer Processor: A Range of General Purpose Machines built on a Communicating Process Architecture, at IEE International Specialist Seminar on the Design and Application of Parallel Digital Processors, Lisbon, Portugal, April 1988.

Nicole, D. A. (1988) Occam and Transputer Tutorial at a Conference on Economical Parallel Processing, Berne, Switzerland, May 1988.

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Sykulski, J. K. (1988) Review of the book: 'Introduction to Electrical Energy Systems'.

Wolstenholme, G. R., Ashburn, P., Jorgensen, N., Gold, D. and RBooker, G. (1988) Measurement and modelling of the emitter resistance of polysilicon emitter bipolar transistors.

Wolstenholme, G. R., Browne, D. C., Ashburn, P. and Landsberg, P. T. (1988) An investigation of the transition from polysilicon emitter to SIS emitter behaviour.

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